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6 min 22 Mar 2023
  • Why do You Need to Establish Credit?
  • How to Establish Credit and Increase Your Credit Score?
  • The Best Ways to Start Building Credit From a Young Age
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Building Credit
  • How to Increase CIBIL Score?

In today’s society, a large number of financial transactions are done on credit, as opposed to being paid for in cash. Credit cards, for instance, are one instrument by which credit can be availed. The kind of credit you can get will depend upon your CIBIL score. The higher your CIBIL score, the more monetarily sound you are, in the eyes of a money lender, a bank or a financial institution. 

Why do You Need to Establish Credit?

It's vital to establish credit so that you can set yourself up for future accomplishments. A good FICO rating is imperative to getting your favourite apartment suite, vehicle credit and home credit. Laying out credit and figuring out how to utilize it astutely when you are youthful can make your transition to adulthood a lot simpler. Since credit records are time-based, it is best to start early.

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How to Establish Credit and Increase Your Credit Score?

We will take a plunge now into the ways in which you can start building a strong credit profile.

1.Getting loans which are consumer friendly and can be repaid on time

If you have not used credit before, you will not have encounters that banks can use for giving you a good credit score. You should aim to use your credit, for instance, for a cell phone purchase on EMI, and make sure it’s successfully repaid. 

2.Applying for a credit card from a bank where you have an account

Your relationship with the bank where you are banking regularly is better than it is with a new bank. The bank that knows you will be in a better position to lend you a credit.

3.Applying for a secured credit card

A good way to get a quick credit card is to get a secured credit card. This means that the credit that you get is against a fixed deposit that you have with the bank. This gives the bank or the lending institution a certain degree of financial security.

4.Accessing credit carefully

If you are a salaried individual, you may be getting offers for credit cards with cash-back benefits and higher credit limits. The key is knowing whether or not you really need the card, and its associated benefits, or will owning the card, eventually, become a liability. 

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The Best Ways to Start Building Credit From a Young Age

It is best to start building credit scores early in your life. Understanding how credit score works, checking your CIBIL score regularly and working towards increasing your credit score while you are young helps you transition to adulthood successfully. The credit history reflected on your CIBIL report can help you get your first Housing Loan and your first vehicle loan. A record of paying back on time is something that will reward you financially, in addition to having a card at your disposal. As a financially independent individual, you can use credit for making purchases and paying bills. This includes additional benefits such as getting a better rate for vehicle protection. A better credit score will play a major role in whether your loan applications are endorsed, in the future. It will likewise decide how high your loan fees will be and whether you are approached to pay extra security.

There are multiple ways of beginning to lay out a good credit track while you are still young:

  1. Having your family members add you as a joint credit account holder is a basic starting point toward building a positive record as a purchaser. They can help you with minding the month-to-month declarations. Learning about the entire credit process, from making a charge to dealing with the bill, will help you with regulating credit well. This will help you when you deal with credit independently. 
  2. If you don't have a co-signer, consider applying for a credit card alone. Use a portion of your credit to make purchases. If you use your credit carefully and pay back on time, your credit limit will likely increase.
  3. You can add your one-time utility bill, cell phone bill and Netflix or other web-based feature instalments to your credit card. This can be particularly helpful for people who have scores under 680 or individuals who have what is thought of as a "slender document" of less than five credit accounts on their credit report.
  4. Shop within your means using a credit card. By being financially prudent and making good choices, you will end up with a good credit track.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Building Credit

Next let us consider four errors to keep away from, while you're starting your credit building process.

1.Getting various new credit cards

One of the first big mistakes that first-time credit card owners make is getting several cards together to increase their credit scores. The more cards you have, the harder it is for you to stay aware of the spending that happens with each one of them. Besides, each time you apply for a credit card, a solicitation is added to your report which can drop your general score.

2.Getting unacceptable credit cards

Chasing after cards is a common mistake. You must try and find a card that best suits your credit needs. It is wise to explore all available options before zeroing in on a card. Some credit cards advertise cash back as a positive selling point. Ensure that the fine print on the card aligns with your needs.

3.Spending beyond what you can afford

Thinking for a moment that you're endeavouring to collect credit; one wrong purchase can head you in the wrong direction. Ensure that you do not use more than 30% of your open credit to keep your credit score looking good. 

4.Executing late payments

Late payments and missing payments can stay on your card for up to seven years. However, it is best to try and get these out of the way as soon as possible.

Final Words

From purchasing a vehicle to paying for school, having a great credit score is necessary. A good credit score gets attention to your standing as a borrower, and to lenders, it shows that you are capable of repayment. A long and positive credit report assists you in getting better loan offers and better leases. Understanding the commitment to make every payment on time is the best approach to using credit to work for you, instead of you becoming a slave of the commitment.



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