Earn up to Rs. 10,000* by referring your friends and family for the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan. Refer and earn now in just 3 easy steps! Money in account after successful loan disbursal.



How to Refer

Step 1

Enter your personal details

Step 2

Enter the details of the referee & receive confirmation via SMS and email

Step 3

Receive the reward amount in your account on loan disbursement!


Referrer Details

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Customer Referral FAQs

The Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Referral Program enables you to earn rewards up to Rs. 10,000 for referring friends and family for a Home Loan. Both existing and new customers, as well as employees, can refer and earn.

You can earn up to Rs. 10,000 as a reward for one referral through the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Referral Program.

  • If the loan amount is under Rs. 50 Lakh, you earn Rs. 3,000
  • If the loan amount is between Rs. 50 Lakh and Rs. 1.49 Cr, you earn Rs. 7,500
  • If the loan amount is above Rs. 1.5 Cr, you earn Rs. 10,000
Note that the reward amount will be credited to your bank account within 72 hours of loan disbursal.

You are eligible to earn a reward under the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Referral Program only if the Referral does not have an existing application with us. This includes individuals who have expressed interest by enquiring/applying for a Home Loan with us either online or offline.

To claim a reward under our Customer Referral Program, the below conditions should be met.

  • The referral should not have an existing application with us
  • The loan amount should be disbursed within 3 months from the date of referral

The reward amount will be sent to your bank account within 3 months from the date of loan disbursal subject to the submission of all necessary details/documents, including KYC documents, PAN card, and a cancelled cheque. Note that the amount is subject to income tax deduction and other taxes and charges, as prevalent at the time of payment.

If it has been 72 hours since the loan disbursement and you have still not received the reward amount after submitting all the requested information, you can write to us at with your name and email ID and the name and email ID of your referral. Please note that all details should be submitted as mentioned at the time of referral submission.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. The form allows you to submit up to 5 referrals at a time. After this, you will need to visit the form again and start over.

If the person you have referred has already applied with us or enquired either online or offline about our Home Loan, you are not eligible to receive a reward against the referral.

In case two or more individuals submit the same referral, the individual to submit the referral first is eligible for the reward.



  • The Referral scheme is only valid when the loan amount is disbursed within 90 days of referral.
  • If the same referee is being referred by more than 2 referrers (across all internal and external referral channels), the first referrer will be entitled to receive the reward under this programme. In the event of a dispute in this, Bajaj Housing Finance reserves the right to the final decision.
  • Payment will be subject to service and all other applicable taxes.
  • Bajaj Housing Finance reserves the right to withdraw the referral programme at any time without any prior intimation.
  • BHFL sales employees are ineligible for rewards under this programme.