Loan Against Property (LAP) Interest Rates

Bajaj Housing Finance Loan Against Property interest rate starts at just ​10.10%* p.a. for salaried and professional applicants. Apply today and make the most of a sizeable sanction, a competitive interest rate, and disbursal in as few as 72 hours* from document submission.

When you take a Loan Against Property, you can enjoy attractive interest rates and transparent fees and charges. Salaried, professional or self-employed applicants, can make the most of our offerings at the below property loan interest rates.

Salaried Floating Reference Rate: 15.40%*

Interest Rate (Floating) for Salaried Borrowers and Self-Employed Professionals

Loan Type Effective ROI (p.a.)
Fresh LAP 10.10%* to 18.00%*
LAP (Balance Transfer) 10.20%* to 18.00%*

Self-Employed Floating Reference Rate: 16.00%*

Interest Rate (Floating) for Self-Employed Applicants

Loan Type Effective ROI (p.a.)
Fresh LAP 9.75%* to 18.00%*
LAP (Balance Transfer) 9.85%* to 18.00%*

For a complete list of interest rates, please  click here.


  • Bajaj Housing Finance charges an additional rate, called ‘spread,’ over the benchmark rate to arrive at the final lending rate. The spread varies on the basis of various parameters, including the bureau score, profile, segments, and approval from competent authorities, among others.
  • BHFL may grant loan below or above the documented rate of interest (up to 100 basis points) in deserving cases on exceptional basis under the powers of the competent authority, vested with them.
  • The above benchmark rates are subject to change. Bajaj Housing Finance will update the current benchmark rates on this website in the event of a change.


Loan Against Property: Processing Fees and Other Charges

Processing Fee Up to 4% of the loan amount + GST as applicable
EMI Bounce Charges Refer to the table provided below for the full break-up
Penal Charges Click here to know about the penal charges


  • For term loans, charges will be calculated on the outstanding principal amount
  • For flexi interest only/hybrid flexi loans, charges will be calculated on the sanctioned limit
  • For flexi term loans, charges will be calculated on the current dropline limit

EMI Bounce Charges

Loan Amount (in Rs.) Charges (in Rs.)
Up to Rs.15 Lakh Rs.500
Rs.15 Lakh – Rs.30 Lakh Rs.500
Rs.30 Lakh – Rs.50 Lakh Rs.1,000
Rs.50 Lakh – Rs.1 Crore Rs.1,000
Rs.1 Crore – Rs.5 Crore Rs.3,000
Rs.5 Crore – Rs.10 Crore Rs.3,000
More than Rs.10 Crore Rs.10,000

Prepayment and Foreclosure Charges

Borrower Type: Individual Term Loan Flexi Loan
Foreclosure Charges NIL NIL
Part-Prepayment Charges NIL NIL

*For purposes other than business

Borrower Type: Non-Individual Term Loan Flexi Loan
Foreclosure Charges 4%* on the Principal Outstanding 4%* on the Sanctioned Amount during the Flexi Interest Only Loan Repayment Tenor; and 4%* on the available Flexi Loan Limit during the Flexi Term Loan Tenor
Part-Prepayment Charges 2%* on the Part-Prepayment Amount NIL

*Not including GST

LAP_Application Process_WC

Application Process for a Loan Against Property

The Loan Against Property application process is simple and straightforward with Bajaj Housing Finance. Individuals should make sure they meet all eligibility requirements before they go ahead and apply to maximize their chances of approval. Once applicants meet the eligibility criteria for property loans, approval and disbursal will be considerably easier.

  1. Visit our Loan Against Property online application form page.
  2. Fill in the required personal, financial, and property-related details.
  3. Proceed to enter OTP and enter the required financial details.
  4. Submit the application form online.

A representative from Bajaj Housing Finance will contact you within 24 hours*. Make sure to keep the required documents handy before initiating the mortgage loan process to fast-track loan processing and improve the chances of approval.


Tips to Avail of a Mortgage Loan at Low-Interest Rate

Here are some of the tips to avail of a Loan Against Property at a lower rate of interest:

  • Maintain a credit score of 750 and above
  • Try to make enquiries at lending institutions with which you hold deposits or loan accounts and have an established relationship with them
  • Make sure you disclose all sources of income to show a higher repayment capacity
  • Compare as many lenders as possible by visiting their websites or physical branches and choose the most competitive rate with the best repayment terms
  • Look out for offers and concessions on a Loan Against Property

Factors Affecting Loan Against Property Interest Rates

Factors Affecting Loan Against Property Interest Rates

​​​​Mortgage loan interest rates are influenced by various factors:​​​

  • Credit ​​S​​core: Higher credit scores lead to lower interest rates as it indicates responsible credit behaviour​​​.
  • ​​​​Type of ​​P​​roperty: Self-occupied residential properties often receive lower interest rates compared to commercial or non-self-occupied properties.​​
  • ​​​​Women ​​A​​pplicants: Lenders offer interest rate concessions to women borrowers, making them eligible for lower rates.​​

Considering these factors can help borrowers secure favourable interest rates for their mortgage loans.​​​

*Terms and conditions apply.


Loan Against Property Interest Rate: FAQs

You can use a Loan Against Property EMI Calculator to compute the total interest payable on the advance for a selected tenor. Access the Bajaj Housing Finance EMI calculator and enter the required details, including the loan amount, the desired tenor, and the interest rate applicable to calculate the amount payable accurately. The EMI calculator also provides you with the EMI payable, the total loan amount, and the amortisation schedule.

Yes, existing Loan Against Property borrowers can benefit from our new interest rates, through our attractive Loan Against Property Balance Transfer options. If borrowers are dissatisfied with their Loan Against Property interest rates, they can consider moving their loan balance to Bajaj Housing Finance and get an interest rate starting from 9.85%* onwards, if they meet the eligibility criteria prescribed for salaried and professional applicants.

Both salaried and self-employed individuals can avail of a property loan from Bajaj Housing Finance, provided they fulfil the necessary eligibility requirements. The criteria you need to fulfil for successful loan approval include age, employment, and city of residence.

Yes, it is possible to apply for a property loan while you are servicing an existing loan. However, to receive hassle-free approval, make sure that your repayment capacity is at par with the new EMI liability as well as the existing EMIs payable.

You can check your credit utilisation ratio and fixed obligation-to-income ratio to better assess your loan eligibility. Check the applicable property loan interest rates for accurate EMI determination and proceed with repayment capacity evaluation.

The CIBIL score is a critical parameter indicating an individual’s creditworthiness and financial habits. It is, thus, ideal to maintain a CIBIL score of 750 or more to secure credit.

Check all eligibility requirements on the dedicated, Loan Against Property eligibility criteria page. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can check their maximum loan amount eligibility with the property loan eligibility calculator provided for free. The financial tool is easy to use and requires only a few essential details to display the eligible loan amount.

Eligible salaried, professional, and self-employed applicants can avail of a Loan Against Property at attractive rates and repay the total sum over a repayment tenor that can stretch up to a maximum of 17 years. The Loan Against Property tenor is meant to accommodate a relaxed repayment schedule that meets your financial needs.


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