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Easy Ways to Pick the Right Loan Against Property Tenor

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  • Personal Maximum Loan Against Property Tenure: Factors to Consider

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Before choosing any type of loan against property, whether for business, health emergencies, wedding plans, or other personal projects, some necessary steps are essential to ensure that you get the best loan against property tenure for your specific needs.

One of the important factors that help you determine the feasibility of a loan against property is its loan tenor. This helps you gauge how long it will take for you to pay back the loan, the interest that would accrue and your own repayment capacity.

Read on to discover the easy ways you can take to pick the right loan against property tenor.

What is Loan Against Property Tenor?

A loan against property tenor is a period agreed upon by the lender and the borrower of a loan against property over which the borrower is required to pay up the loan along with the loan against property interest.

More often than not, the differences in the sources of income, which vary for salary earners and self-employed individuals, play a major role in determining the loan against property tenure that would be suitable for different individuals.

It’s essential for all loan borrowers to get to know the best loan against tenor in relation to their sources of income. Asides from income, there are other factors to consider when you’re trying to determine your personal maximum loan against property tenor.

Personal Maximum Loan Against Property Tenure: Factors to Consider

Find these factors below.

1. Loan Amount

Your loan amount directly affects your loan repayment process, and that’s why a smaller loan against property amount will take less time to repay than a higher loan amount. So, before you decide to apply for a loan against property, you should be sure about the amount to take. This will let you know if you can easily repay, as well as the duration it will take you.

2. Understand Your Monthly Income

A proper understanding of your monthly income, spending, and saving rates is one of the easy ways to determine your loan against property tenor. This also helps you to know your possible equated monthly instalment (EMI), which is one of the most valid ways to repay a loan against property.

3. Your Age

If you’re young and have stable employment, you’re more likely to be approved for a loan against property.

This is especially because you will not be retiring from work any time soon, so you get to pay up the loan with less pressure as long as the EMI is distributed appropriately. If you’re closer to retirement, however, the luxury to pay up a loan against property is a greater challenge because of the reasons below:

  • You are likely not going to be able to work at a fast pace or earn at a quick rate.
  • The chances of not being able to pay due to contingencies are higher; hence, putting your properties at risk of being overturned by the financial institution.

Therefore, you must allow your age to inform your choice of taking a loan against property. And of course, let your age be one of the determining factors on the period it will take to pay up the loan.

4. Loan Against Property Interest and EMI

If you want to deal with a short loan against property tenor, here’s what you need to do: apply for a loan against property with a lesser interest rate. Choosing a higher interest rate means that the loan against property repayment tenor will be longer and most likely require an EMI as the payment method. Essentially, this means that the payment method has been spread across several months or years, and it will take longer for you to repay.

Although none of these different interest rates is inherently better than the other, the knowledge about the differences and their impact on a loan against property tenor is crucial. This is because it helps borrowers to understand and make favourable decisions on the interest rate that best suits their type of loan.

5. Assess Future Financial Prospects

Assessing the future helps you make informed decisions about almost everything in life, including a loan against property tenor. The knowledge of your future financial prospects puts more light on your current financial decision-making process. Questions like the following should give you useful insights:

  • Is there a possible promotion lurking around for you?
  • Do you see an increment happening in your salary anytime soon? 
  • Are there incoming financial gains to make on a past or current investment?

These questions are quite pivotal if you must assess your future financial prospects. If you’re lucky to get an insight into what your future may look like financially, you have yet another easy way to determine the best loan against property tenure for yourself: use an EMI calculator.

6. Use an EMI calculator

Once in a while, you need more than just your insights and personal analyses to accurately decide the best loan against property tenure you would be working with. Sometimes, what you just need is an EMI calculator to help you decide the exact period it will take to cover a loan and what your maximum loan against property tenor will look like.

Luckily enough, the Bajaj Housing Finance Loan Against Property Calculator doesn’t only help you figure out the tenor, but also tells you the amount you will repay in instalments.

Final Thoughts

To get the best loan against property tenor, all you need is the right information. Some people run off to get loans that they know nothing about and get their fingers burnt in the end. You cannot afford to make that same mistake. Whether you’re young or old, self-employed or on salary, following the above tips will guarantee that you select the perfect loan against property tenor for you.


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