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What is an Area Conversion Calculator?

What is an Area Conversion Calculator?

An Area Conversion Calculator, also known as a Land Area Calculator, is an online tool that helps you calculate the area of land and convert area measurement units to other metrics accurately, within seconds.

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How to Use a Land Area Calculator Online?

It is easy to use and understand. Here is how you can calculate the area of your land and convert it into other metrics:

  1. Choose the measurement you want to convert.
  2. Choose the units of the selected measurement.
  3. Choose the measurement to which you want to convert.

With just 3 inputs, the calculator will show you the exact error-free and instant conversion. The land measurement calculator makes things much easier when dealing with measurement units across the country. There are different land measurement units across geographies, such as acre, hectare, square yard, bigha, and katha, among others.

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Benefits of Land Area Calculator

Living in a country as diverse as India, one may struggle with conversation metrics that differ across the country’s geography. Relying on manual calculations can be difficult as it does not ensure error-free results. To help you arrive at accurate conclusions regarding any property or land valuation, use our expert land area calculator tool. These calculations especially help when one is considering availing a Loan Against Property, as it helps them evaluate the value of their landed property.

Here are some benefits of the area conversion calculator:

  • This tool ensures error-free, instant calculations.
  • It helps one convert values to lesser-known land metrics.
  • It helps you make informed property-related decisions with full knowledge about the land’s actual valuation.

Standard Unit Conversions in India

Standard Unit Conversions in India

Conversion Unit Symbols Relations
Square Inch to Square Feet Sq in to Sq ft 1 Square inch = 0.00694 square feet
Square Meter to Square Yard Sq m to Sq yd 1 Square Meter = 1.19 square yard
Square Meter to Gaj Sq m to gaj 1 Square Meter = 1.2 Gaj
Square Feet to Acre Sq ft to ac 1 Square feet = 0.000022 acres
Square Meter to Acre Sq m to ac 1 Square meter = 0.00024 acres
Square feet to Centimeter Sq ft to cm 1 sq ft = 929.03 cm

Below, you will find a basic area conversion table for various land measurement units commonly utilised in India.

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Some Other Area Converter Units Used in India

Unit of Area Conversion Unit
1 Square Feet (sq ft) 144 sq in (1 feet is 12 inches)
1 Square Centimeters 0.00107639 sq ft
1 Square Inch 0.0069444 sq ft
1 Square Kilometer (sq km) 247.1 acres
1 Square Meter (sq m) 10.76391042 sq ft
1 Square Mile 640 acres or 259 hectares
1 Square Yard (sq yd) 9 sq ft
1 Acre 4840 sq yd or 100.04 cents (standard unit to measure land)
1 Hectare 10000 sq m or 2.49 acres approximately
1 Bigha 968 sq yd
1 Biswa 151.25 sq yd
1 Killa 4840 sq yd
1 Ghumaon 4840 sq yd
1 Kanal 5445 sq ft. or 605 sq yd
1 Chatak 180 sq ft
1 Katha 600 sq ft

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Standard Area Calculation Units for Land Calculator

There are numerous metrics for land measurements in India and they vary basis the region. You can use the land area converter or land measurement calculator online tool to convert the value to the desired units. Here is a brief run-through of the popular land metrics in India:

  • ​Hectare

Hectare is mostly used to measure agricultural or forest lands. It is also used to survey land for town planning and estate valuation.

  • Acre

An acre is a land metric popularised in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In India, most large plots of land, such farmland or estates are measured in acres.

  • Bigha

Bigha is a traditional unit of measuring land in the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and parts of Rajasthan. However, this unit of measurement has no standard size. Its measurement varies based on the state. For instance, one bigha is equal to 1,600 sq. yd. in West Bengal, whereas it is 756.222 sq. yd. in Uttarakhand.

  • Square Foot

A square foot is a commonly used land measurement unit across the world. This standard measuring unit is a part of the imperial and US customary units. A square foot can be defined as the area of a square with each side, only a foot high.

  • Ground

Ground is a land measurement unit commonly used in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. One ground is equal to 24,000 sq. ft. or 203 sq. m.

  • Square Meter

A square meter, also known as a meter squared, is a Standard International (SI) based unit of land area measurement, denoted as sq. m or m².

  • Katha

Katha is a popular land measurement unit used in the eastern states of India. Like the bigha, this unit also has no standard size as it varies in different states. For instance, one katha is equal to 1,361.25 sq. ft. in Bihar and 720 sq. ft. in West Bengal.

In addition to these units, there are other land measurement units that are also used in various regions across India:

  • Kanal
  • Ghumaon
  • Biswani
  • Killa
  • Ankanam
  • Cent
  • Guntha
  • Kuncham
  • Dhur
  • Lecha
  • Chatak
  • Decimal

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This calculator is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The results obtained from the calculator are estimates based on your inputs. Users are advised to seek independent legal and professional advice before acting on the basis of the information contained in the Website. Placing reliance on the aforementioned information shall always be sole responsibility and decision of the User and the User shall assume the entire risk of any use made of this information.

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Area Conversion Calculator: FAQs

Land area measurement in India depends on land measurement units used in various states. In general, residential plots are measured in square feet, whereas agricultural land is measured in acres. To avoid the hassle of manual conversions, you can use the land Area Conversion Calculator to convert one unit of measurement into another.

Irregular land is an undulated landform that is not uniform. There are specialised formulas to help calculate the land measurements for such land parcels. Subdivide the area into familiar shapes such as a triangle, rectangle, square, circle, or parallelogram. Then, measure the areas by using their individual formulas. Add the results to get the area of an irregular land. Alternatively, you can use a land area calculator online to arrive at a hassle-free result.

To calculate land area using Google Maps, choose the ‘measure distance’ option. Then, zoom in on the plot of land you want to calculate the area for. Draw lines around the edge of the area on the map. Once done, Google will automatically process and display the measurement of the selected area on your screen.

Once you have the exact measurements, you can use the land area converter calculator to convert the metrics to your preferred units.

The area of residential properties is usually measured in square feet. All you need to do is measure the length and the width in feet. Once this is done, multiply the length in feet by the width in feet to measure the size of the land. One square foot converts to 144 square inches. You can also use a land calculator online to calculate to avoid the tedious manual calculations and get accurate results.

To calculate a parcel of land in acres, measure the length and width of the area in feet. Next, use the Area Conversion Calculator to convert the area to acres.

Internationally, the standard units of measuring plots of land are square metres (m2), square feet (ft2), square yards (yd2), acre and hectare. Under the SI (International System of Units), the standard unit of land area is square metre. The most widely used metric units of land measurement include square metres, square kilometres and square centimetres. For non-metric units, the popular units are square inches, square feet, square yards and square miles.

The value of one bigha varies from one state to another in India. In Uttar Pradesh, 1 acre is equal to 1.613 bigha while in Uttarakhand, 1 acre is 5 bigha, approximately. In West Bengal, 1 acre is 3.025 bigha whereas in Gujarat, it is 2.5 bigha. In Haryana and Punjab, people consider 1 acre to be 4 bigha but in Bihar, 1 acre is 1.6 bigha.

Are is a unit of land measurement in the metric system that is equal to 100 square metres. When it was first introduced, it was the standard unit of area in the metric system but it was later replaced by square metres. Acre is an international unit of area, used for measuring large plots of land. It is one of the oldest units of measurement based on the British Imperial System. One acre is equal to 40.47 ares.

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