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5 Benefits of Using Area Conversion Calculator

6 min 14 Feb 2023

Whether you are planning to buy a property or take a loan against one you already own, it is crucial that you know the exact area of the land or flat you are investing in. This will help you pay or get the right value for your property. However, many times, sellers and lenders calculate the area in terms of units that we do not understand.  

Most borrowers only understand units that are a part of the imperial or metric system. However, in different regional parts of the country, different land measurement units are used. Some of these units are units that have been used locally for centuries now but are not a part of any standard area measurement unit systems. This makes calculating the area of a property while buying or selling it a little difficult at times. This is where an area conversion calculator comes handy.  

An area conversion calculator is a simple online tool available easily these days. Using this tool, borrowers can convert one unit of area measurement to another. If you are wondering why you should use an area conversion calculator, read on. 

Benefits of Using an Area Conversion Calculator

1. Using an Area Conversion Calculator, You Can Convert All Kinds of Units 

As mentioned before, different land measurement units are used in different parts of India. For instance, most people use units, such as Bigha and Kattha, in Northern India to measure land, the use of area measurement units, such as Guntha and Ground, is common in Southern India. These units are not a part of the metric or imperial system of area measurement and therefore, most people are not aware of how to convert any of these units into units that they understand, such as square metre or square yard.

Further, remembering the conversion formula for converting various units used in various parts of India into units recognized by common people is nearly impossible. An area conversion calculator is an online tool that also contains information on all units and has the formula to convert all units into desired units. Thus, while facilitating any property transaction, you can simply use an area conversion calculator to convert property area from the unit in which it has been quoted to you into a unit you understand. 

2. It Removes the Need for Manual Calculations

These days, all the information you may need is available on the internet. Thus, if you have been told the area of a property in terms of units you do not understand, you can simply search the internet for the formula to convert this unit into a unit you prefer. However, manual calculations are not only time consuming, they are also often prone to errors and when it comes to property deals, even a small mistake can prove to be quite costly. This is another reason why users should use an area conversion calculator - it saves you from errors that often creep into manual calculations.  

3. It is Quick, Easy and Free to Use

Lastly, you should use an area conversion calculator because it's quick and will help you save a lot of time. Further, the area conversion calculator is also free - you don't have to pay any fees to use it. Simply go to a website that hosts this tool and use it for free. Lastly, this tool is also quite easy to use - anyone who knows how to navigate through the internet can use it. All it requires you to do is enter some basic information and it does the rest. Further, whatever information you feed into the calculator will remain safe and never be disclosed. So, security is also not an issue.



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