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Step by Step Process: How to Apply for a Loan Against Property from Bajaj Housing Finance

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Loan against property procedures are required for anyone interested in getting secure loans. A loan against property could be the answer to a myriad of your financial problems – be it funding a wedding, meeting educational or medical expenses, or even finding the finances for your business expansion. Whatever be your need – a loan against property is your funding solution for it. And what’s more is that the procedure to apply for one is not daunting at all – with an easy to meet eligibility criteria and minimal documentation.

In this article, we’ll show you a step by step process to apply for a loan against property from Bajaj House Financing.

What is a Loan against Property?

A loan against property is mortgage finance that allows borrowers to pledge residential, commercial, and other types of property as security, against which a loan can be taken from a lender. This process, also referred to as the procedure to get a loan against property, does not come to an end until the loans have been returned, after which borrowers can recover their property.

As they say – a job well started, is a job well done, in this case too, if you’re already familiar with the application procedure, the chances of your loan application being approved is considerably enhances. Therefore, it’s essential for anyone willing to apply for a loan against property to go through the right procedures.

Procedures for a Loan Against Property

If you’re wondering about the procedures for a loan against property, here are the steps to take.

Conduct a Research About the Procedures of Loan against Property

For obvious reasons, research is the first step to take if you want to get a loan against property. After all, knowledge is power, and it will easily give you an edge in the decision-making process.

A key benefit of carrying out a thorough research is that it equips you with relevant information that you need to know before you file your application. Thorough research will get you on your way to meeting some of your most important needs without having to break a sweat.

Find out the Maximum Amount of Loan

As soon as you get through the research phase, the next thing you should look into is just as important as the first: find out the highest amount of loan you are eligible for.

Finding out the maximum amount of loan you’re eligible for will help you decide if you should proceed with taking the loan or not. If your maximum loan amount cannot cater for your financial needs, then you may want to reconsider taking it.

There are several factors that determine your maximum loan amount.

Check the Eligibility Criteria before you Apply for a Loan against Property

It’s wise to inquire about the features and requirements of the type of loan that you want to take. Knowing the type of loan will help you get relevant information about the loan’s eligibility criteria, so that you can know your eligibility status.

In most cases, you need to provide some important data about yourself which may include your address, bank account statement, proof that you own the property you intend to use, and IT returns among other things.

After knowing your maximum loan amount, checking for your eligibility status is the next essential step you must take.

Use a Mortgage Loan Calculator

By using a Mortgage Loan Calculator, you get to know what your monthly mortgage payment would look like for as long as you continue to pay the loan. Similarly, the mortgage loan calculator helps you to capture all other forms of payment (such as down payment) that you may consider as options.

Fill the Procedure Form for a Loan Against Property

After confirming eligibility to take a loan— and if your interest in the loan still stands— go on to fill the application form.

At this point, you have decided that the loan is for you. Also, you may decide to fill the application form, online and offline, both of which are valid methods of application. If doing it offline is the way you have chosen, you will need to visit the branch of the organization you want to lend from.

Filling forms online is almost as easy as doing it offline, if not easier. Of course, there is a slight difference as filling the application online would not require that you visit any branch office. Instead, you get to fill the form, providing the necessary document. The uniqueness of the online registration also comes into play when instead of getting to see the lenders as you submit, the lender gets in touch with you sometime after the form has been submitted.

Final Thoughts

A loan against property is more common now than you can imagine, and with the low-interest rates among other advantages the loan against property can boast of, it’s easy to see why everyone is opting for it as opposed to other types of loan.

A loan against property can help you live your dreams, even as it’s already helped many others. Following the steps above will guide you into making the decisions that produce the results that you desire. Availability of a loan against property is quite easy with us as we try our best to make the whole process as customer-friendly and hassle-free as we can. So, apply with us today.


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