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Home Loan Starting 6.75%*


Home Loan Interest Rates and Charges

Bajaj Housing Finance offers attractive home loan interest rates starting at 6.75%* for salaried individuals and 8.50%* self-employed individuals. Borrowers also have the advantage of availing of a high value sanction with minimal documentation and quick processing and approval.

The rate of interest offered to you depends on several factors, two of the most important ones of which are your eligibility and credibility as a borrower. With the right profile, you can take advantage of a low interest rate and better lending terms. While these are the most essential considerations in availing of a home loan, several other aspects hold considerable weightage too. For instance, transparency in additional fees and charges, such as the loan processing fee, can significantly impact your borrowing decision and experience. With us, you are assured of complete transparency to how much you pay, when, and why.

Housing Loan Interest Rate for Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals

Housing loan interest rates differ for salaried and self-employed borrowers. With Bajaj Housing Finance, or in fact any other lender, applicants can avail of the best home loan rates by meeting the loan eligibility criteria and showcasing a strong credit profile. When you take a loan from Bajaj Housing Finance (BHFL), you not only enjoy attractive interest rates but also transparency in fees and charges.

Interest Rate for Salaried Borrowers

Benchmark Rate (BR) Prevailing BR Loan Type Rate Type BR + Spread Effective Rate of Interest (per annum)
Repo Rate (RR) 4.00% Home Loan Floating RR+ 2.75% to RR+ 8.00% 6.75% to 12.00%
Repo Rate (RR) 4.00% Top-up Floating RR+ 2.75% to RR+ 8.00% 6.75% to 12.00%
Salaried Floating Reference Rate (SAL-FRR) 12.90% Home Loan Floating FRR-6.15% to FRR +1.10% 6.75% to 14.00%
Salaried Floating Reference Rate (SAL-FRR) 12.90% Top-up Floating FRR-6.15% to FRR +2.10% 6.75% to 15.00%
Salaried Floating Reference Rate (SAL-FRR) 12.90% Loan Against Property Floating FRR-4.65% to FRR +0.90% 8.25% to 15.00%


Interest Rate for Self-Employed Borrowers

Benchmark Rate (BR) Prevailing BR Loan Type Rate Type BR + Spread Effective Rate of Interest (per annum)
Self-Employed Reference Rate (SE-FRR) 13.3% Home Loan Floating FRR -5.05% to FRR +0.70% 8.25% to 14.00%
Self-Employed Reference Rate (SE-FRR) 13.3% Top-up Floating FRR -5.05% to FRR +1.70% 8.25%* to 15.00%*
Self-Employed Reference Rate (SE-FRR) 13.3% Loan Against Property Floating FRR -4.80%* to FRR +4.70%* 8.50%* to 18.00%*



  • Bajaj Housing Finance charges an additional rate, called ‘spread,’ over the benchmark rate to arrive at the final lending rate. The spread varies on the basis of various parameters, including the bureau score, profile, segments, and approval from competent authorities, among others.
  • The above-mentioned rates are applicable to new loans sanctioned after August 2020 and not applicable to existing loans.
  • BHFL FRR was applicable on all types of loans booked by Bajaj Housing Finance till March 2018; however, it is only applicable to unsecured loans since April 2018.
  • The above benchmark rates are subject to change. Bajaj Housing Finance will update the current benchmark rates on this website in the event of a change.

Home Loan: Other Fees and Charges

Processing Fee Up to 6% of the loan amount
Loan Statement Charges NIL
Interest and Principal Statement Charges NIL
EMI Bounce Charges Up to Rs. 3,000/-
Penal Interest Up to 2%
Secure Fee Up to Rs.4,999 (One time)

*Applicable following the first EMI clearance. 

Home Loan Part Prepayment Charges and Foreclosure Charges

Floating Rate Loans: If all Borrowers and Co-Borrowers are Individuals

Time Period (Months) >1 >1
Foreclosure Charges Nil Nil


Floating Rate Loans: If any Borrower or Co-Borrower is a Non-Individual

Floating Rate Loans: For Non-Individuals

Time Period (months) >1 >1
Foreclosure Charges 4% * on Principal Outstanding 4%* on the Sanctioned Amount during the Flexi Interest Only
Loan Repayment Tenor;
4%* on the available Flexi Loan Limit during the Flexi Term Loan Tenor
Part Payment Charges 2% * on the Part- Payment Amount NA

* GST as applicable will be payable by the Borrower in addition to the Prepayment Charges


Bajaj Housing Finance extends the best home loan interest rates to borrowers to make financing convenient and repayment affordable in the long term. Applicants can choose from fixed and floating rates, as per their suitability.

Use our home loan EMI calculator to compare the current home loan interest rates and charges and how they affect your EMIs. High eligibility, including income, credit profile, and employment status, will help you keep the home loan rates negotiable.

Home Loan Interest Rate FAQs

Why should you choose the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan?

We offer high loan amounts at competitive interest rates with the benefit of flexible repayment over a long tenor. You are also assured of added convenience with the option to apply online and avail of doorstep service for document collection. Most importantly, we believe in a 100% transparency. You know of all fees and charges right from the beginning, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

What is the current interest rate on home loans?

The current interest rates applicable to home loans differ based on borrower type. Self-employed applicants can avail of a home loan with Bajaj Housing Finance with floating interest rates starting from 8.50%*. Salaried individuals can avail of a home loan with interest rates starting from 6.75%*. We also offer home loans at fixed rates of interest.

Which interest rate is better -- fixed or floating interest rate?

Which of the two is better depends on market conditions. Typically, a fixed rate of interest benefits you when the interest rates are on an upward trend, and a floating rate of interest benefits you when the interest rates are on a downward trend.

A ‘floating’ rate of interest refers to a rate that depends on the repo rate, which is an RBI benchmark. In other words, it increases or decreases in tandem with the repo rate. Under favourable market conditions, a reduced rate will lower the interest amount payable. At present, the repo rate is at an all-time low, which makes floating interest rate the more attractive option.

But before you choose one of the two, use a home loan interest calculator to assess the difference in the total amount payable with a fixed rate versus a floating rate to make an informed decision.

What is the processing fee for home loans?

When applying for a home loan with us, applicants are required to pay a processing fee of up to 6% of the total loan amount. Bajaj Housing Finance keeps its home loan processing fees nominal and affordable, ensuring minimum strain on the borrower’s finances when availing the advance.

What are the main factors that affect the interest rate of home loans?

In simple words, the interest rate depends on your credibility as a borrower, market conditions, and of course, the property in question. Below is a more detailed explanation for each of these.

  • Your credit profile: Your credit profile, including the credit score and report, establishes the risk involved in lending and determines the interest rate levied by us. Applicants with a reliable credit report and a high CIBIL score of 750 and above are typically offered the lowest home loan interest rates.
  • Benchmarking system: Our benchmarking system also impacts the interest rate for home loans. Home loans with a lending rate based on MCLR lack transparency and often prove to be expensive for borrowers. On the other hand, RLLR-based home loans are directly linked to external benchmarks, i.e., key policy rates such as repo rate, and reflect any changes within 3 months.
  • The property’s market value and location: The current market value and location of the property also play a key role in determining the lending rate. High-priced properties at well-connected locations remain a good proposition for lenders and attract competitive home loan interest rates.