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Home Loan Starting 6.75%*


Developer Finance

When you take a loan from Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL), you get the benefits of attractive interest rates along with transparent fees and charges. The fees and charges applicable on a loan are as follows:

Interest Rate for Developer Finance/Lease Rental Discounting/Commercial lending

Benchmark Rate (BR) Prevailing BR Loan type Type of Rate BR + Spread Effective Rate of Interest (per annum)
Institutional Reference Rate (I-FRR) 13.70% DF/LRD others Floating FRR-4.70% to FRR +1.30% 9.00% to 15.00%



  • BHFL charges an additional rate over the benchmark rate, called “Spread”, to arrive at the final lending rate. Spread will vary basis various parameters such as the Bureau Score, Profile, Segments, approval from competent authority etc for arriving at final lending rate
  • The above-mentioned rates are for new loans originated post August 2020 and not for existing loans and accordingly the Effective rate of interest on existing loans may be different.
  • On or before March 18, BHFL FRR was applicable for all type of loans (secured & unsecured) booked by the Company however, this benchmark rate is applicable for unsecured loans post this period.
  • Above benchmark rates are subject to change. The Company will update the applicable benchmark rates on its website as and when changes done.