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Developer Finance: Overview

Construction Finance or Developer Finance is a financial solution for real estate developers who specialize in and seek funding for residential projects. Bajaj Housing Finance extends sizeable sanctions at competitive interest rates to developers, with comfortable repayment options.

Developers can avail of funding under Construction Finance through three different loan types:

  • Construction Linked Programme
  • Inventory Funding Scheme
  • Balance Transfer Option

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Developer Finance: Features and Benefits

With the Bajaj Housing Finance Developer Finance option, borrowers benefit from an array of features.

Sizeable Loan Sanction

Eligible developers seeking funding for residential projects can benefit from a substantial loan sanction basis their application and financial standing.

Competitive Interest Rate

Eligible developers stand to gain and save substantially, as Bajaj Housing Finance offers Construction Financing at attractive interest rates.

Comfortable Repayment Options

Bajaj Housing Finance allows Developer Finance borrowers to opt for flexible payment options in sync with their construction and payment schedule. Developers can prepay parts of their loan depending on their project’s cash flow to make for easy repayment.

Principal Moratorium Facility

Developers can even avail of a moratorium on the principal amount for the initial tenor of their loan to assist in effective cash flow management in their project.

Principal Amount Adjustment

Bajaj Housing Finance allows borrowers to reschedule the scheduled principal amount payment if partial prepayment is done as per the product programme.


Developer Finance: Products Offered

Bajaj Housing Finance offers three loan types under the umbrella of Construction Finance, tailoring each loan type to meet common real estate funding requirements. Ensure you choose the one that suits your financial needs.

1. Construction Linked Programme

The construction linked programme facilitates the completion of ongoing residential projects. However, this is only valid for RERA approved projects. To be eligible, the developer's project execution track record must be unfaltering, and the project's feasibility assessment criteria must be up to mark. 

2. Inventory Funding Scheme

The Inventory Funding Scheme is for residential projects that are completed or nearing competition. It helps developers with their working capital requirement and meeting project costs at the last leg of their project completion. The developers must meet the following eligibility parameters:

  • The developer must show a clean track record in project execution
  • Assessment of the project sales and cash flow velocity
  • Assessment of end-use of the funds

3. Balance Transfer Option

Bajaj Housing Finance allows balance transfers for Developer Financing. Developers looking for attractive lending terms on their existing construction finance loans can transfer their loan balance for better commercials. Eligible developers should meet the following requirements:

  • Clean repayment record with the existing financer
  • Good project execution track record with decent sales and cash flow velocity.
  • Assessment of end-use of the funds

Bajaj Housing Finance offers competitive rates on Developer Finance loans and ensures speedy disbursal from the time of loan approval. The loan option is ideal for developers seeking funds to complete their residential projects. The loan can be sought during any phase of construction provided they meet our internal assessment parameters. Apply today, and our representative will guide you through the application process to ensure a seamless borrowing journey.

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