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Buying a home has become a lot easier due to easy availability of loans even on seemingly low incomes. If you are taking home a monthly income of Rs. 75,000, you are well above the minimum salary ranges that can apply for a housing loan in expectation of a decent amount. In this article, we will talk about those earning around Rs. 75,000 in particular.

How much home loan can one get on a Rs 75,000 salary?

Are you someone who makes around Rs. 75,000 a month and are curious to know the loan amount you qualify for? Well, the maximum amount that a lender will approve for various salary ranges (assuming you have no existing debts and monthly obligations) is listed below. To assist applicants in determining the loan amounts approved for them based on their profiles, several companies provide a house loan eligibility calculator. However, the sanctioned Home Loan amount might vary depending on a number of criteria, including the loan tenor and credit score.

Net Monthly Income Home Loan Amount
Rs. 75,000 Rs. 45,21,634
Rs. 74,000 Rs. 44,61,345
Rs. 73,000 Rs. 44,01,057
Rs. 72,000 Rs. 43,40,768
Rs. 71,000 Rs. 42,80,480

Based on other variables, the exact loan amount you will get may change in actual. In order to maximise your Home Loan eligibility for a Rs. 75,000 salary, you can utilize a variety of strategies as a borrower, including using a joint account holder or paying off any existing debt you might have. This significantly raises your credit score and helps convince the lender that you won't default on your mortgage.

How to Determine Eligibility for a Home Loan?

To find out the amount you are eligible for, use the calculator for Home Loan eligibility. The house loan eligibility calculator on several websites makes it simple to compare and select the finest Home Loans. Simple steps must be taken, and just the most fundamental information must be entered. Listed below are the steps to be followed to check your Home Loan eligibility on the Bajaj Housing Finance Website.

  • Select the city
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Input your monthly income or slide the bar till you reach the exact value
  • Input your monthly obligations or slide the bar till you reach the approx. value
  • From the available options, select the occupation type you desire.
  • You will see the eligibility amount to the right in real time which dynamically changes as you manipulate the input fields.

Once you have determined the loan amount that you may readily receive, you can further move on to calculate your effective EMI amounts using the freely available housing loan EMI calculator.

Depending on whether you are a salaried employee or a self-employed individual, several types of documentation are required when applying for a Home Loan.

1. Address Proof for Salaried Individuals

  • Income Evidence
  • Correctly completed KYC paperwork
  • Form 16 with the latest three to six months' worth of pay stubs
  • Financial or bank statement over the previous six months

2. For individuals who are self-employed: a profit and loss statement

  • Correctly completed KYC paperwork
  • Financial report for the previous six months
  • a company's balance sheet
  • GST registration certificate for the business

How to Make Your House Loan Eligibility Better

Keep your credit score at or above 750:

Your chances of getting a loan approved and at better loan rates are increased by having a good credit score, especially one of at least 750. Responsible credit practices, such as paying off credit card balances and EMIs on time and keeping your credit utilisation ratio under 30%, can raise your credit score to 750 and above. 

Consider a Joint House Loan:

Your lender may reject your house loan application if you have higher monthly obligations or a low credit score. If by whatever reason you are not getting the loan amount you need, consider including a co-applicant and apply for a joint home loan. However, the co-applicant must be a family member who earns a living, has a clean credit history, and has adequate repayment ability. If a woman is the co-applicant or main loan applicant, you can be eligible for a house loan with lower interest rates.

Find out whether your lender provides a step-up loan:

As part of this program, lenders initially issue loans at reduced EMIs, which progressively rise when you begin repaying the loan. It is usually intended for borrowers who are younger. As the borrower advances in their profession and earns more money, the lender raises the EMI. A step-up loan has a greater interest expense than a loan with a set EMI.

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