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Home Loan Starting 6.65%*


25 Lakh Home Loan Step by Step

Regardless of the high inflation rates, you can own your dream house today if you know the right ways. One such remarkable way to own a home is through a 25 lakh home loan. A home loan of 25 lakhs ensures that you can get a property or settle a high-end bill.

What's more, the home loan interest rates are competitive and your 25 lakh home loan EMI will not increase. You can own your property today, with the assistance of a friendly loan amount. 

Features of Home Loan up to 25 Lakhs

  • A home loan for 25 lakh promises a decrease in the interest rate EMI payments and is due monthly. This is possible through the floating rate interest that's attached to the loan. We recommend taking the floating interest rate option. 
  • Prepayments are possible for this kind of home loan. When a prepayment has been made, the principal sum of the home loan decreases. To know the exact EMI that you will pay monthly, kindly take advantage of the online home loan calculator
  • No home loan below 25 lakh guarantees the comfort that comes with paying your home loan for a longer time. A home loan of this amount is quite pricey, so a longer loan repayment duration is ideal for borrowers with a fixed income.
  • Not only can you take a 25 lakh home loan for your new home, but other high-value expenses can also be covered. 

Criteria for Receiving a 25 Lakh Home Loan

To receive a home loan of up to 25 lakhs, you must fulfil certain requirements. Some of the primary conditions include:

  • You must live in India as a recognized citizen.
  • Salary earners should be aged between 23 to 53 years. For the self-employed, potential borrowers should be aged between 25 to 70 years.
  • The lowest income provision for the borrower's city should be fulfilled
  • Salaried loan candidates should possess strong employment with a work history of at least 3 years.
  • For the self-employed, a good business with a work history of at least 5 years is required for consideration.
  • The borrower's bank statement for up to 6 months is required for consideration.

Today's Interest Rate for 25 Lakh Home Loan

The current home loan interest rate set for this is 6.65% and upwards for salary earners. For the self-employed, the interest rate is usually between 6.65% and 11.5%. This gives a clear understanding of your position and how best to take a home loan.

To know more about our home loan interest rate, fees, and charges in detail, Click Here.

What is a 25-Lakh Home Loan EMI?

To receive honest information on your EMI, we recommend a home loan eligibility calculator. Your EMI is determined after the loan's principal amount, duration of the loan, and rate of interest have been entered into the calculator.

We advise that correct information helps to provide a sincere EMI estimation. We recommend that you input the principal amount plus the home loan interest rate and the exact duration of the loan. Note that amounts supplied at one time may not correspond with future estimations.

Also, note that there are methods for lowering your monthly EMI, thereby reducing your financial burdens. If interest rates are lower, then it decreases. It will also decrease if you make prepayments. 

For instance: A 25 lakh home loan set to last for 30 years with an ROI of 10% (Rate of Interest) will have a monthly EMI of Rs.21, 939. If the home loan is set to run for 10 years at a rate of interest of 10%, the monthly EMI to be paid is Rs.33, 038.