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Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan Details

A Home Loan is the ideal credit solution for all your homebuying expenses, and Bajaj Housing Finance offers sizeable Housing Loan amounts at competitive interest rates. Enjoy repaying your loan at your own pace through a repayment tenor that can go up to 40 years, allowing you to plan for your future without compromising your finances.


Features and Benefits of a Home Loan Worth Rs.25 Lakh

Easy Balance Transfer

If you’re looking to upgrade your current Home Loan terms, look no further than Bajaj Housing Finance. Transfer your Home Loan balance to us and save by getting a competitive interest rate.

Attractive Refinancing Options

Looking for additional financing to furnish your new house, or another expense that is in the pipeline? Avail of a sizeable Top-up Loan, basis your eligibility and use the money to cover other housing expenses.

Flexible Repayment Tenor

If you’re worried about jeopardizing your finances by being tied down by big EMIs, that is not a concern with Bajaj Housing Finance. You can take up to 40 years to repay your loan amount, comfortably at your own pace.

Hassle-Free Documentation

You can take a Housing Loan through a hassle-free method. Bajaj Housing Finance requests minimal documentation, which you can choose to submit through our prompt doorstep pick-up service.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

Calculate Your Home Loan EMI

Loan AmountRs.

Rs.1 LakhRs.15 Crore


1 Year40 Years

Interest Rate%


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Total Interest

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Total Amount Payable

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Eligibility Criteria for a Home Loan Worth Rs.25 Lakh

For the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan, you don’t have to worry about filling long forms for your eligibility. Our eligibility parameters are simple and easy-to-meet.

Eligibility Parameters For Salaried Individuals For Self-Employed Individuals
​Nationality Indian including NRIs Indian (resident only)
​​​Employment Minimum 3 years of work experience with a reputed employer Minimum 5 years of vintage in current enterprise
​​Age 23 to 75 years** 25 to 70 years**
Place of Residence Must reside in any of the cities we operate in Must reside in any of the cities we operate in

**The upper age limit is considered as the age at the time of loan maturity. Additionally, the upper age limit for applicants is subject to change, depending on the property profile.


Interest Rates and Charges on a Home Loan Worth Rs.25 Lakh

Our Home Loans are sanctioned at attractive Home Loan interest rates, ensuring that you get the best deal your eligibility allows you. Salaried individuals can get a Home Loan at an interest rate as low as 8.50%* p.a. and pay EMIs starting at just Rs.733/Lakh*. The other fees and charges attached to the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan are reasonable and made known to you right at the time of Home Loan approval.

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EMIs for a Home Loan of Rs.25 Lakh Over Various Tenor

If you intend to take out a Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan but are unsure of the monthly payments, the EMI calculator for a Home Loan can help you know the EMIs and payable interest in advance. The tool's ease of use and small margin for error make it ideal, as described. EMI calculations based on various repayment tenors are shown in the table below:

Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan EMI for 40 years

Loan amount Tenor Interest EMI
Rs.25 Lakh 40 years 8.50%* Rs.18,327

Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan EMI for 30 years

Loan amount Tenor Interest EMI
Rs.25 Lakh 30 years 8.50%* Rs.19,223

Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan EMI for 20 years

Loan amount Tenor Interest EMI
Rs.25 Lakh 20 years 8.50%* Rs.21,696

Rs.25 Lakh Home Loan EMI for 10 years

Loan amount Tenor Interest EMI
Rs.25 Lakh 10 years 8.50%* Rs.30,996

*The values in the preceding tables are subject to change

*Terms and conditions apply.

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