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If you need a 4 crore loan, one of your options is to opt for a Loan Against Property (LAP). Under LAP, one can get quick access to such a substantial amount of money.

A Loan Against Property is a secured loan. It's a loan offered against a property - residential or commercial - pledged as security. The ownership rights of the property continue to stay with the borrower. However, the lender gets the right to sell the property in case of loan default for loan recovery.

Loans against property have several advantages. To start with, loans against property are the only loans that can fetch you a substantial amount of money and that too at nominal interest rates. Even if you wish to avail of a 4 crore Loan Against Property, if you have a property the value of which can support such a substantial amount, you will get a loan at highly competitive interest rates. Further, since loans against property are big-ticket loans, lenders give borrowers the flexibility to choose a longer repayment period. The tenor for loans against property can go up to 18 years. Moreover, funds availed of under LAP come with zero end-use restrictions - you can use the money to fulfil any kind of personal or professional requirements. As long as you pay your EMIs on time, your lender will show no interest in knowing how you are spending the money.

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4 Crore Loan Against Property Application Process

Applying for a Rs. 4 crore Loan Against Property would involve the following steps.

  1. Make an Application

    You may be asked to provide your personal details and details related to your property. This can be done either online or at a branch office location.
  2. Confirm All Details and Submit the Required Documents

    Once your lender has received your application, someone from their team will call to verify the information provided by you in the form. Post this, you will be required to submit all the documents.
  3. Document Verification

    Once you have submitted all the documents, your lender will cross-verify each of the documents submitted by you. Any wrong information provided by you will immediately lead to loan application rejection.
  4. Get a Sanction Letter

    Once your lender is convinced that you will be able to repay a 4 Crore Loan Against Property, they will release a sanction letter which will contain important details, such as the loan amount they are willing to give you, the interest rate offered, loan tenor, etc.
  5. Loan Disbursal

    Once the second round of document verification is over, your lender will send you the final loan agreement.

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4 Crore Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria

4 Crore is a substantial amount. Therefore, no lender will sanction you a loan if you do not meet their eligibility requirements. The eligibility criteria for a Loan Against Property vary from lender to lender. Here are Bajaj Housing Finance's eligibility criteria for a 4 Crore Loan Against Property.

​Salaried Applicants Self-Employed Applicants
The applicant must be an Indian citizen living in a city where Bajaj Housing Finance operates. The applicant must be an Indian citizen living in a city where Bajaj Housing Finance operates.
The applicant must be between the ages of 28 to 60 **years. The applicant must be between the ages of 25 to 70** years.
The applicant must have at least 3 years of work experience either at an MNC, or a Public or Private sector company. The applicant's business must be able to generate a consistent source of income and have been in operation for at least 5 years.

Bajaj Housing Finance offers loans against property at interest rates starting as low as 9.75%* p.a. for self-employed individuals. With us, you can get access to a loan amount as high as Rs. 5 Crore or even more. So, what are you waiting for! Go to our website and start your loan application today. And while you are there, use our Loan Against Property EMI calculator to know your EMIs and plan your loan journey with us in advance.

**The maximum age considered at the time of loan maturity.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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