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Home Loan foreclosure refers to the prepayment of the pending Home Loan amount in one go, effectively closing your loan ahead of time. Home Loan repayment, prepayment/part-prepayment, and foreclosure refer to different repayment scenarios, as detailed below.

  • Normally, Home Loan repayment is carried out in EMI payments throughout the course of your repayment tenor
  • Home Loan part-prepayment refers to a scenario when you have surplus funds and would like to repay a substantial sum in advance
  • Home Loan foreclosure refers to when you have sufficient funds to repay the entire outstanding amount on your Home Loan in one go, before the end of the tenor

Many borrowers choose to foreclose their housing loans if they have the funds handy and would want to avoid accumulating more Home Loan interest over the remaining repayment tenor.

Most importantly, if you are an individual borrower with a floating interest rate, you don’t have to bear any additional costs or penalties on foreclosing your housing loan.

Foreclosing your Home Loan can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improving your Credit Score: Paying off your Home Loan ahead of time reflects positively on your credit report and may increase your credit score. Moreover, a high credit score makes you eligible for future loans are favourable terms.
  • Saving the Interest Cost: Settling your loan early can help in reducing the overall cost of borrowing by decreasing the interest outgo.
  • Lowering the Credit Utilisation Ratio: Lenders assess credit reports before extending loans. The credit utilisation ratio is a significant factor. It is the percentage of credit used compared to the total credit available. Prepaying a Home Loan offers the advantage of reducing your credit utilisation ratio, which can positively impact your credit report.

If you are confused about foreclosing your housing loan, here are some aspects you can consider, making the decision easier for you:

  • Tax Benefits: Weigh the tax benefits you may lose out on once you stop your Home Loan EMI payments. Assess whether you can forego the deductions or claim them from elsewhere while considering a loan foreclosure. 
  • Check Expenses: Calculate whether your finances can take the sudden fund deficit that can be caused by foreclosing your Home Loan balance in one go. Assess your ongoing financial obligations and future goals and consider foreclosing your loan if you have substantial funds and would like to reallocate your repayment capacity to a different investment.
  • Timing of Foreclosure: It is important to plan your Home Loan foreclosure carefully. Calculate and understand the best time to foreclose your Home Loan according to your finances and financial goals.

Once you have arrived at the decision to foreclose your ongoing Home Loan, here are the necessary steps to follow, so you can close your Home Loan seamlessly:

  1. Address a letter to the lender stating your intent to foreclose your ongoing Home Loan. 

  2. Once your foreclosure application is accepted, you will be notified of your outstanding Home Loan balance. It includes your remaining Home Loan amount and foreclosure penalties (if applicable).

  3. After receiving your outstanding dues, the lender will proceed to release all your documents in their possession, such as your Title Deed and other property-related documents.

  4. Ensure that you collect the No Objection Certificate and Home Loan foreclosure letter, which confirms that your loan has been diligently repaid. Bajaj Housing Finance issues the foreclosure letter 21 days after the foreclosure request.

*Terms and conditions apply

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Home Loan Foreclosure: FAQs

Loan foreclosure is generally considered as a good decision, as it means that you have successfully repaid the loan and fulfilled your financial obligation. However, the downside of foreclosure is bearing the fees and charges associated with it, if applicable.

Home Loan foreclosure process time vary lender to lender. It depends on the loan agreement and the internal process of the lender. It also depends on the complexity of the loan.

Foreclosing your Home Loan can have a positive impact on your credit score, provided you have made timely EMI payments and cleared all outstanding dues. Also, when you foreclose a loan, the lender updates the status as ‘closed’ which positively impacts your credit report.

You can make part-prepayment to ease out the principal amount and total interest outgo. You can also request your lender for restructuring, where you can modify your EMIs or tenor. Another alternative is that you can opt for a balance transfer wherein you can get a lower interest rate from another lender.

The decision to opt for prepayment or foreclosure depends on your financial obligations and circumstances. In terms of cost, prepayment or foreclosure does not include any extra charges or penalties for Home Loans on floating interest rates. However, different lenders may levy various charges on fixed Home Loan foreclosure.

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