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Loan Prepayment Calculator

Home Loan Part-Prepayment Calculator

Outstanding AmountRs.

0Rs.15 Cr

Part-Prepayment Amount Rs.

0Rs.25 Lakh

Current EMIRs.

0Rs.25 Lakh

Outstanding Loan TenorMonths

1240 months

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Revised Home Loan Tenor is 0

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What is a Home Loan Prepayment Calculator?

A Home Loan Part-Prepayment Calculator is a dedicated online tool to help borrowers determine the suitability of the prepayment option. Enter only a few essential details, i.e., the loan amount, interest rate, tenor, and the part-prepayment amount, to calculate your savings.

This Home Loan prepayment calculator allows borrowers to determine four crucial aspects of housing credit after prepayment completion, i.e., the revised instalment amount, EMI savings post prepayment (absolute amount and percentage), and the possible tenor reduction in case you do not opt for an EMI reduction. Utilise the calculator to determine whether prepayment would be beneficial for you or not before proceeding with payment.

The manual calculation of these changes in the Home Loan EMI amount can be complex and time-consuming. The prepayment of Home Loan calculator by Bajaj Housing Finance simplifies these calculations while providing accurate results.


What is the Part-Prepayment of a Home Loan?

Home Loan prepayment is a repayment option that allows borrowers to make a lumpsum payment towards their Home Loan at any time before the end of the tenor. It is payable over and above the EMIs due.

Borrowers can either pay a portion of the principal liability as part-prepayment of the Home Loan or foreclose the loan account with a repayment of the total loan liability prior to the end of the tenor. Since longer repayment tenors result in increased interest outflow, part-prepayment is a simple way to reduce your interest liability.

It is important that borrowers know about Home Loan prepayment charges before opting for prepayment. Individuals with a floating interest rate pay no extra charges on prepayment or foreclosure.


Benefits of a Home Loan Prepayment Calculator

The part-prepayment of Home Loan lowers the principal outstanding, and this reduced principal amount can either translate to lower EMIs or a reduced tenor.

Part-prepayment limits liabilities when opted for at the right time. The Part- Payment Calculator from Bajaj Housing Finance enables borrowers to decide the profitability of this advance payment made against their housing loan liability.

The part-prepayment of Home Loan also helps in improving the borrowers’ credit score after the closure of the total due amount. Selecting the prepayment option ensures easier repayment of the principal and keeps interest outflow in check. Borrowers can also determine the total savings made with the help of a Housing Loan Part-Prepayment Calculator.

A borrower must have lumpsum funds available to initiate the part-prepayment of a Home Loan. Bajaj Housing Finance allows borrowers to part-prepay even a nominal sum, equal to one EMI. Thus, if a borrower’s EMIs are Rs.20,000, the part payment amount must be at least Rs.20,000.


​How to Use the Home Loan Prepayment Calculator?

The Housing Loan Part-Prepayment Calculator is a free online tool, which helps individuals assess profitability from an advance payment on their Home Loan. Enter only a few values to ascertain whether the transaction can save you a substantial sum on the total interest outgo. To use the Home Loan advance payment calculator, you will need to enter values for the outstanding principal, remaining loan tenor, interest rate, and prepayment amount.

The outstanding principal is not the total Home Loan principal amount but only the amount yet to be serviced. For example, if the total sum borrowed is Rs.10 Lakh and you have already repaid Rs.2 Lakh, the outstanding principal is the difference of the two, i.e., Rs.8 Lakh.

Similarly, the tenor remaining on your Home Loan is the difference between the total tenor and the number of years you have already serviced the loan for.

The interest rate is the applicable lending rate at which a lender extends a housing loan to a borrower. The prepayment amount is the lumpsum payment to be made advance. The steps to use a part payment calculator are as follows:

  1. Under the ‘Home Loan’ section, click on ‘Part Prepayment Calculator’
  2. Enter the outstanding Home Loan principal
  3. Next, provide the interest rate applicable
  4. Enter the remaining repayment tenor
  5. Select the part-prepayment amount

​What is the Eligibility for Home Loan Prepayment?

​What is the Eligibility for Home Loan Prepayment?

​​​Anyone with an ongoing home loan can opt for foreclosure or prepayment depending on the lender’s terms and conditions. However, certain charges are applicable on repayment additional debt over EMIs. Lenders cannot charge prepayment charges on floating interest rate home loans, but these charges are applicable on fixed rate home loans.​​

​​You must pay a minimum amount over and above your usual EMIs for a single prepayment. This value depends on the lender. Bajaj Housing Finance requires you to pay the equivalent of a single EMI as the minimum amount. This makes it easy to make prepayments. ​

Home Loan Prepayment Charges_WC

Home Loan Prepayment Charges

​Individuals with existing Bajaj Housing Finance home loans do not have to pay any prepayment or foreclosure charge if they have a floating interest rate loan. However, this facility is not available to non-individual borrowers or those who have availed a loan for business purposes.​

What are Rules for Home Loan Part-Prepayment_WC

What are Rules for Home Loan Part-Prepayment?

Borrowers should understand Home Loan part-prepayment rules before prepaying a Home Loan. These include instances when prepayment penalties are applicable and help borrowers time their repayment decisions.

  1. The minimum amount to prepay is equivalent to one of your Home Loan EMIs
  2. Individuals with floating interest rate home loans pay no extra charges on prepayment or foreclosure
  3. When opting for a Home Loan Balance Transfer facility, no additional part-prepayment charges apply if you are an individual with a floating interest rate Home Loan

*Terms and conditions apply

Home Loan Prepayment Calculator FAQs_WC

Home Loan Prepayment Calculator FAQs

The benefit of making part-prepayments on your Home Loan balance can reduce both your EMI and repayment tenor. As making part-prepayments on your Home Loan repayment amount directly brings down your loan balance, you take less time to repay the entire amount (reducing the tenor) and you have less to repay (lowering your EMI amount). You have the choice to either shorten your tenor or reduce your EMIs.

The RBI policies state that individual borrowers with floating interest rate Home Loans are exempted from paying additional Home Loan prepayment charges and fees. This enables you to make part-prepayments as frequently as you would like, to lower your total cost of borrowing.

Anyone who is able to repay their Home Loans early, stand to save substantially on their total interest outgo. Making prepayments on your Home Loan helps you close the loan account faster, freeing up your repayment capacity and letting you explore other investment ideas, or make new loan applications.

You can calculate prepayment on loan using the Home Loan EMI Calculator. The calculator requires you to input fields namely.

  • Outstanding amount
  • Tenor
  • Rate of Interest
  • Prepayment amount

There are no charges for prepayment at Bajaj Housing Finance for individuals who are paying off a Home Loan at a floating interest rate.

Prepayment of a Home loan refers to making extra payments towards the principal amount of the loan, in addition to the regular EMI payments, before the scheduled due date. Here are some benefits of prepaying your home loan:

  • Reduced Interest Cost
  • Faster Loan Repayment
  • Improved Credit Score
  • Increased Savings
  • Flexibility and Control


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