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Securing Home Loans has, over the years, become easy with numerous banks and lending institutions offering high-value loans with flexible repayment options and affordable EMIs. But sometimes, even with the best intentions and advanced planning, managing a Home Loan may be seem like a difficult task. Therefore, lenders keep offering several additional services to make the Housing Loan journey hassle-free. Among these, the option of initiating Home Loan EMI payments online provides a convenient solution to borrowers, who may otherwise be hard-pressed for time, thereby minimising repayment slip-ups and delays.

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Making Home Loan Repayments Online

While paying their Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan EMIs online, Housing Loan borrowers may choose any of the popular repayment methods as given below:

1. My Account App

Borrowers can easily download the My Account app and access it to make EMI payments online. Just follow the simple steps listed here to complete your transaction:

  • Log in to the ‘My Account’ app with your registered mobile number and related details
  • Click on ‘Account Information’; then choose ‘Online Payment’
  • Select the ‘EMI and Overdue Payment’ option
  • Fill in the required information and authorise your payment

2. Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Portal

You may log on to the dedicated Bajaj Housing Finance customer portal to make Home Loan payments online. It is a customer service platform with valuable features aimed at simplifying online transactions. The portal enables you to do the following:

  • View loan details at a glance
  • Monitor and initiate EMI payments
  • Track your insurance policy and premium
  • Download important documents and statements
  • Update personal information in seconds
  • Look up pre-approved Home Loan offers

Apart from the online EMI payment alternatives, one can also pay the instalments using cheques or through ECS.

3. Pay Home Loan EMIs Using Cheques

If you choose to repay Home Loan EMIs through cheques, you need to write cheques to the lender each month well before the due date. You can transfer the required EMI sum from your salary account into the lender’s account. The use of this feature does not attract any additional charges. Borrowers could even issue multiple post-dated cheques for the upcoming instalments to the lender.

4. EMI Payments Through Electronic Clearance Service (ECS)

The Electronic Clearance Service (ECS) is a convenient payment facility that may be availed at a nominal fee. Here you need to fill out a form and submit it to the lender. Depending on the due date and EMI amount, the payable cash is then debited from your account and deposited into the Home Loan account of the lender.

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Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Portal Helps Customers in Many Ways

The main features and associated benefits of the Bajaj Housing Finance customer portal are enumerated below:

Monitor Home Loan Account

Users can easily check their Home Loan accounts and keep track of outstanding payments. They can also identify and rectify discrepancies in their account information.

Download Essential Documents

The customer portal lets you download loan-related documents within a few seconds. Normally, these may be required for various other official formalities and serve as records for future reference. Borrowers can view and download such crucial documentation, which includes:

Pay Missed EMIs or Plan Foreclosure of Loans

The Bajaj Housing Finance customer portal allows you to pay overdue EMIs, thus, helping you avoid penalties. Borrowers can also plan and facilitate part pre-payment or even foreclosure of their ongoing Home Loans to reduce the cost of credit.

Update Customer Information

One may readily update their personal details such as name, residential address, registered mobile number and email ID in a few easy steps. The portal lets you make the necessary changes online that are promptly reflected in the database.

Tailored Pre-Approved Loans

Home Loan applicants can avail of pre-approved loan offers aligned with their financial preferences and specific requirements. They simply need to provide basic information like name and mobile number to instantly access exclusive Housing Loan offers.

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How to Use the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer Portal

One can log in to the Bajaj customer portal by entering any of the following details:

  • Valid customer ID
  • Registered email ID
  • Registered mobile number
  • Active Google account

Home Loan borrowers may opt for any loan repayment method they deem suitable. While online payments are convenient and save time, one needs to ensure safe and secure transactions in the process. Paying EMIs on time is an important factor that indicates a borrower’s creditworthiness, which proves beneficial for future credit requirements. Hence, before you apply for a Home Loan, plan your repayments based on the estimated tenor and payment schedule using a housing loan EMI calculator that can help you assess the overall loan cost and arrange for the requisite funds.

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