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Tips to Get Home Loan with Minimum Down Payment in India

5 min 11 Jul 2023
  • What Is Home Loan Down Payment
  • Factors That Influence Your Home Loan Down Payment
  • Tips to Get Home Loan with Minimum Down Payment in India

Investments in real estate require large funds, and Home Loans provide a quick and affordable solution as they enable you to pay for the property in easy-to-manage monthly instalments or EMIs. But as per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, one cannot avail of a Home Loan that will cover the entire cost of their home purchase. Instead, individuals are required to bear a certain portion of the market price as down payment; while the rest of the amount may be secured as a housing loan. The latter will form a major chunk of your property purchase value.    

What is a Home Loan Down Payment?

The RBI mandates that banks and lending institutions cannot provide zero down payment loans. Lenders can only approve loans up to a particular limit, normally restricted to 90% of the house cost. The remaining balance amount has to be paid upfront to the seller, builder or developer. This is commonly known as the Home Loan down payment or own contribution towards the property purchase.  

Factors That Influence Your Home Loan Down Payment 

The amount of money any bank or lending institution may consent to lend will depend on several parameters, which form the basis for establishing Home Loan eligibility. Individuals should fulfil specific criteria to receive ideal loan deals. Typically, it includes the following aspects: 

  • Age of the applicant 
  • Credit score  
  • Income of the applicant 
  • Existing loans or other credit liabilities 
  • Employment or business profile  
  • Income tax returns 
  • Property valuation, etc. 

Once finance companies receive your housing loan application, they will appraise and verify your credentials and supporting documents. Doing so helps them determine whether to approve your loan request and the terms that may be suitably offered. Applicants will, thus, need to arrange the down payment beforehand so as to avoid inconveniences or delays in the home-buying process.  

Since your down payment and the monthly outgo prove decisive in your ability to support the credit liability, aspiring borrowers may access various online financial tools to evaluate their loan specifics. A Home Loan eligibility calculator and Home Loan EMI calculator will enable you to respectively check your eligibility for an appropriate principal and the EMI you may need to pay each month.  

Minimum Down Payment Required for Home Loan

Usually, lenders do not accept down payments below 20% of the property’s total value. It is, therefore, considered the minimum down payment figure. 

However, in case of houses that are older than 15 years, lenders may refuse to sanction loan amounts exceeding 50% of the property’s market cost. The minimum down payment is likely to increase in this case and you will have to pay the rest of the money i.e. around 50% from your own pocket. 

Loan-to-Value (LTV) Regulations on Home Loans 

The percentage of a property’s current market price that lenders may offer as a housing loan is known as the Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV). It will establish your exact down payment sum. Generally, lenders compute the loan principal based on the RBI’s LTV regulations as tabulated below: 

Home Loan Amount  

LTV Ratio 

Up to Rs. 30 lakh 

Up to 90% 

Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 75 lakh 

Up to 80% 

Rs. 75 lakh and above 

Up to 75% 

Best Tips to Get Home Loan with Minimum Down Payment in India

Securing the maximum possible loan amount will automatically decrease your down payment. Here are some of the ways in which you can get a Home Loan with the minimum down payment sum: 

1. Maintain a High Credit Score 

A good CIBIL or credit score is of paramount importance if one wishes to avail of any credit. High scores over 750 will fetch you bigger loan amounts making it easier to effect a down payment in the prescribed minimum range. You can also use a favourable score to your advantage if you want to obtain a low-interest secured or unsecured loan. Availing a modest loan will not only enable you to pay for the down payment, but you can even manage your Home Loan pre-payments whilst servicing the loan.   

High CIBIL scores imply that you have a good credit record and possess responsible credit habits. Lenders bank upon such traits to ensure that you can handle the loan effectively and make the repayments on time. Hence, if you hold high CIBIL scores, it will naturally boost your Home Loan eligibility and guarantee swift loan approvals of large amounts at attractive rates of interest and flexible tenors. And in case you wish to go in for a Home Loan balance transfer, a good credit score will further help you find appropriate deals that can reduce your overall cost of credit. 

2. Avail of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) Scheme 

The government-endorsed PMAY scheme aims to provide affordable housing to the financially challenged sections residing in urban areas. The scheme stipulates that all eligible beneficiaries can get up to 6.5% subsidy on their Home Loan interest rate depending on their income bracket. It lets you repay the loan comfortably as well as arrange funds for a down payment.  

3. Approach the Right Lender 

While lenders normally require you to pay at least 20% of the property’s price as down payment, several lenders may accept a lower figure as long as you pre-qualify for the loan. Therefore, look for a way to negotiate the rates with a lender who can accommodate a modest down payment and understands your actual requirement. Housing finance companies often show leniency in this respect as compared to banks. Either way, choose a lender with a proven track record. Projects approved by lenders usually fetch you a higher LTV leading to a smaller down payment sum.  

4. Analyse Your Investments 

Placing your hard-earned money into building a good investment proves immensely beneficial during a cash crunch or for your future savings. You may take stock of your current investments and fixed deposits to see if they can be utilised for issuing the down payment. Based on your family obligations and needs, you could also pledge your savings deposits or mutual funds as collateral to obtain a low-interest rate loan. It will allow you to fund your down payment with minimal credit liability because secured loans come with reduced interest rates as opposed to unsecured loans. 

How to Save up for a Minimum Down Payment?

Before submitting the Home Loan application, individuals need to plan their loan thoroughly bearing in mind the requisite down payment. One may set aside funds or save up for it in ways listed here: 

  • Start saving early – When you plan to take up a house loan, try to save up for it from the beginning of your career and create a corpus  
  • Borrow from friends, relatives, employer or company – If you are short on cash, you may request your friends and relatives to pool in, which you can later repay. Also, if your company agrees to lend you the required cash, it may greatly ease your down payment worries 
  • Choose the proportionate release option – In case of a Home Loan availed for under-construction properties, you can make the down payment in instalments provided your lender extends the facility of proportionate release option  

 Benefits of Availing Home Loan with Minimum Down Payment 

Every borrower is always on the lookout for ways to pay a smaller down payment due to some obvious advantages such as: 

  • Making a modest down payment is a cost-effective option 
  • You won’t need to dip into your savings or investments 
  • You will have greater cash outflow for planning other high-yield investments 

Nonetheless, a lower down payment will also leave you with a higher Home Loan amount. This means a bigger interest outgo for a longer duration hiking the cost of your loan. 

Benefits of Paying a Bigger Down Payment for a Home Loan

If your state of finances permits it, consider paying as much down payment on the house as possible. But take utmost care not to risk your financial security or deplete your savings in the process. Some of the major benefits of effecting a heavy down payment include: 

  • A reduction in your Home Loan amount will decrease your overall debt liability 
  • If you avail of a smaller loan amount, you can enhance your loan eligibility and receive preferential interest rates from your lender. This will result in a more affordable EMI outgo according you a cheaper loan 
  • You can pay off your loan much faster 

Summing Up 

There is no hard and fast rule as to what the ideal Home Loan down payment ought to be. It depends on your financial capability and other deciding aspects. Normally, paying a 30% to 40% down payment can make your house loan more affordable in the long run. So consult your lender on the best possible sum that may be paid as a down payment without rocking your financial boat.       



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