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East Delhi Municipal Corporation Property Tax

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation is one of the municipal corporations in Delhi. It levies an annual tax on all real estate properties, right from vacant plots to buildings, located in East Delhi. This is referred to as property tax and collected from property owners of self-occupied, rented, residential and commercial buildings.

Calculation of EDMC Property Tax

The calculation of EDMC property tax is done based on a 'unit area system' using the formula:

Property Tax = Annual Value * Rate of Tax

Wherein, annual value (of a property) = unit area of property * unit area value per square metre * occupancy factor * age factor * structure factor * use factor

Rate of tax = The current rate of tax applicable each year is updated by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on their official website.

What these terms mean:

  • Unit area of property: This refers to the built-up area of the property.
  • Unit area value per square metre: This is the property's value per square metre of its built-up area.
  • Occupancy factor: Self-occupied properties are levied lesser tax than those rented out.
  • Age factor: New properties are charged a higher tax as compared to older/ageing ones.
  • Structure factor: Properties with RCC constructions are charged higher than low-value constructions.
  • Use factor: Residential properties are taxed much less than non-residential/commercial ones.

EDMC Property Tax Registration

Follow these steps to register for the EDMC property tax:

Step 1: Go to the official EDMC website:

Step 2: Click on the 'Sign Up' option. Fill the form displayed on the screen. Submit it to register yourself.

Step 3: Now use your login details to access the customer portal of EDMC.

Step 4: Use your Unique Property Identification Number (UPIC) to register your property.

If you don't have your UPIC, apply for it on the portal and then proceed with the property registration. First-time users can click on 'First-Time Online Taxpayer', and submit their details to receive the property ID on their registered mobile number.

Step by Step Guide: How to Pay EDMC Property Tax Online

Here is the detailed guide for paying your EDMC property tax online.

Step 1: Visit the official EDMC website portal/service.

Step 2: Click the option 'Property Tax'.

Step 3: Use your property ID or details of ownership and property location.

Step 4: Click 'Submit'.

Step 5: Now a page will be displayed with a list of payments that are due. You can pay through net banking, credit or debit card.

Step 6: After the transaction, a receipt or challan will be generated online.

Offline EDMC Property Tax Payment

You can pay your EDMC property taxes at any of the ITZ cash counters through debit/credit card, cash, demand draft, cheque; or from your nearest Axis Bank, HDFC Bank or Customer Service Bureau Centre.

Remember to keep these documents handy:

  • Aadhar card
  • Property tax statement
  • Property ID
  • Property challan of previous years

After the tax payment, keep the challan for future use.

Exemptions for EDMC Property Tax

EDMC offers property tax exemptions in the following cases:

  • Lands/buildings used for worship, charitable trusts, public burial, or heritage land.
  • Land/building used for agricultural purposes.
  • Corporation land/building.
  • Properties of ex-servicemen or widows of martyrs. (These should be self-occupied and not rented out).
  • Houses of paramilitary or police martyrs.
  • Properties owned by EDMC handicapped employees.
  • Houses of sportspersons, who have won awards internationally.

Rebates on EDMC Property Tax

EDMC property tax rebates can be availed in the following instances -

  • If the total payable tax is paid as a lump sum in the first quarter of the year, a 15% discount is given.
  • DDA/CGHS flats up to 100 square metres are offered a 10% rebate on the annual value.
  • Physically challenged women, ex-servicemen and senior citizens are given 30% concession.
  • Group housing flats can avail 20% discount up to 30th June of the financial year.

Conditions for Availing EDMC Property Tax Rebate

The conditions under which EDMC offers property tax rebates are -

  • For residential use properties.
  • For self-occupied properties
  • Up to 200 square metres of property, except DDA/CGHS flats where the rebate is given for 100 sq. metres.
  • For jointly-owned properties, the concession is determined by the share of the owners.

Penalty for EDMC Property Tax Delay

The Delhi Municipal Corporation has a deadline for the payment of taxes. If taxes are not paid by this date, a penalty of 1% is charged every month on the payable tax amount for delayed payment.

East Delhi Municipal Corporation Areas

The EDMC has divided its areas into two zones - Shahdara North and Shahdara South. These zones are further divided into wards and colonies.

If you own a property in East Delhi, you can easily pay your property taxes online or offline, as per your preference. Just bear in mind the details provided here and check the MCD website for updated information.