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Hybrid Flexi Loan v/s Personal Loan - Points of Difference

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  • Personal Loan v/s Hybrid Flexi Loan.

  • Application Procedure for Personal Loan and Hybrid Flexi Loan

  • Personal Loan v/s Hybrid Flexi Loan: Highlights

Taking out a loan can be beneficial in more ways than one, especially for individuals having a steady income and a good credit score. However, when planning to borrow a loan, one must choose wisely to ensure that it meets all the desired financial requirements. Among the different types of loans available in the market, personal loans and hybrid Flexi loans are the two most common ones widely offered by most lenders.

While both the options seem fit for covering a range of financial goals, like business expenses, a vacation, a wedding, education, property renovation, medical expenses and so on, a few factors set them apart. These include the nature of the loan, interest rate, process of disbursal, tenor and the repayment mode.

Personal Loan v/s Hybrid Flexi Loan

Here is a comparison between the two in terms of the factors mentioned above:

Nature of the Loan

Personal Loan – In the case of a personal loan, the lender generally extends the loan amount for a specific time period with a pre-determined repayment schedule that is subjected to a fixed interest rate. Once the loan sanction is approved and disbursed, an individual can use the lump sum however they like – there are no limitations as to how you spend the loan amount.

Hybrid Flexi Loan – In the case of a hybrid Flexi loan, the borrower receives the loan for a fixed limit. He/she can choose to withdraw funds whenever and as many times as required. Besides, the borrower also has the option to pay off the loan as per convenience if he/she has surplus money in hand. 

Interest Rate

Personal Loan – These types of loans are mostly subjected to a specific interest rate charged on the principal amount irrespective of whether it is used or not.

Hybrid Flexi Loan – A hybrid Flexi loan, on the other hand, requires the borrower to pay the interest only on the amount that is used. These types of loans allow the borrower a great deal of affordability and flexibility, as there is no need to spend huge interest rates on unused money. This reduces the monthly equated instalments (EMIs), thus helping in financial management with ease. For further ease of repayment, one can make the most of an online EMI calculator. 

Loan Repayment and Tenor

Personal Loan – The tenor for a personal loan is a fixed repayment period during which the due amount must be paid off in EMIs. Several NBFCs and banks provide flexible tenor on such loans. The interest is charged on the principal amount and divided across the tenor, and the amount in EMIs. One can check the estimated EMI value using a personal loan EMI calculator. 

Hybrid Flexi Loans – Like personal loans, these also have a fixed repayment period for repaying the loan amount at the end of the tenor. This gives the borrower more time to plan the loan repayment procedure and make necessary financial arrangements. The monthly EMIs make the repayment process easier and convenient.

Loan Disbursal

Personal Loan – The disbursal process in the case of a personal loan is quite simple and straightforward. After the completion and approval of the application process, the lender authorizes the disbursal to the borrower’s registered account.  

Hybrid Flexi Loans – In the case of a hybrid Flexi loan, only the desired amount gets disbursed to the account. This allows complete access to the loan and the payable amount. 


Personal Loan – The approval of a personal loan normally follows a rigorous process that demands a great deal of documentation and verification. This makes the entire process time-consuming.  

Hybrid Flexi Loans – These types of loans have faster approvals as compared to personal loans. One can get instant approval with the money being credited directly to the bank account in only 24 hours. Further, applying for such a loan online also only takes a few minutes. 

Application Procedure for Personal Loan and Hybrid Flexi Loan

The application procedure for both personal and hybrid Flexi loans are somewhat similar. In most cases, the whole procedure is carried out online for the borrower’s convenience. One has to simply check for the eligibility criteria, fill in the online application form and submit the relevant documents. After a thorough review and verification of the application form, the lender will approve and disburse the amount to the respective bank account. The online procedure is much faster and hassle-free. 

Personal Loan v/s Hybrid Flexi Loan: Highlights

Personal Loan Hybrid Flexible Loan
No security/collateral required Flexible repayment terms
Flexibility to use Unique benefits on prepayment
Flexible tenor and loan amount Easy eligibility criteria
Minimal documentation Nominal fee for online account management
Quick disbursal Value-added features
No security/collateral required -

A Word to Remember

Personal loan and hybrid flexi loan both offer quick and easy funding. One can choose between the two, taking into account the financial needs, capabilities, and other crucial factors that work the best for the individual. Having complete knowledge of the two types of loans – how they differ from each other – can help the borrower make the right choice and thus, manage their finances better.


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