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What is a Home Loan Statement?

As a home loan borrower, it is your responsibility to ensure the loan repayment remains under your control. An effective way to go about this is to track your loan diligently to ensure that payments get reflected on time and you're repaying based on the revised amounts. To achieve this, the home loan statement is a tool that you can rely on. It provides all the key information about your home loan, right from the opening amount to the time of each EMI paid

It provides a summary of the amount paid on your home loan in a given financial year. It lists information pertaining to the borrowed loan amount, outstanding loan amount, and the number and dates of the EMIs paid. A housing loan statement can be obtained through online and offline modes and is needed to claim tax deduction on home loan. 

To know more about the housing loan statement, how you can access it with the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited login information and more, read on.

What are the Uses of a Home Loan Statement?

  1. A home loan EMI statement assists you in maintaining a tab on activities such as forthcoming payments and balance loan tenor.
  2. The statement can also act as a proof of repayment of the home loan.

Step By Step Guide: How to Check & Download Home Loan Statement

You can easily access your home loan statement by using the Bajaj Housing Finance customer portal  by following a few simple steps.

  1. Visit the online customer portal on BHFL website
  2. Enter your customer ID, phone number or email address
  3. Log in using an OTP
  4. Select 'Services'
  5. Click on View Details under the loan type applicable to you
  6. Choose the header ‘e-statements’
  7. View and download copy of the home loan statement

Remember, your Bajaj Housing Finance login information is key to accessing your customer account and the home loan statement. Have these details ready before you start to ensure you don't face any issues during the process. If you aren't an existing borrower and are looking to start your journey as a homebuyer, apply online for the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Home Loan. To know more, access the Bajaj Housing Finance customer login here

You can also connect with bajaj housing finance customer care if you have any query related to this.