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As a Home Loan borrower, it is your responsibility to ensure that your loan repayment schedule stays on track. An effective way to monitor this is by tracking your loan proceedings diligently to ensure that payments get reflected on time and that your EMI payments are based on the last revised amount.

Your Home Loan statement is a tool you can rely on for all key information related to your Home Loan. The statement contains every detail about your Housing Loan, right from the opening amount to the record of every EMI payment. This statement is especially useful at the time of filing Income Tax returns, as you can use it to substantiate the claims you make on your ongoing Home Loan.

Your Home Loan statement documents the following details for your perusal: 

  • The total Home Loan amount 
  • The start date of your Home Loan repayment schedule
  • The rate of interest applicable on your Home Loan 
  • The total amount repaid to date 
  • The total Home Loan outstanding balance 
  • The last EMI amount paid 

Having your Housing Loan statement helps you plan for your EMIs well in advance, as it tells you when the next instalment is due, and what the adjusted EMI amount is. Methodical planning will help you avoid missing out on payments, or mismanagement of your personal finances.

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The Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan can be managed entirely online, even after you receive the loan amount. Borrowers can access their Home Loan statements from their desktops or mobile phones and save themselves a trip to the branch. Here is how you can check and download your Home Loan statement:

  1. Visit the Bajaj Housing Finance website

  2. Select ‘My Account’

  3. Select the ‘Customer Portal’ option from the drop-down menu

  4. Login using your Loan Account Number or your mobile number

  5. Enter the OTP if you are using your mobile number

  6. Select ‘Account Summary’ from the portal dashboard

  7. Request your ‘Loan Statement’ for the month you want

  8. You have the option to download the statement once you have viewed it

Borrowers can also navigate to their Housing Loan statement through the ‘Help and Support’ option on the customer portal.

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