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Home Loan - Step Up EMI Loan

Step Up EMI Home Loan

The Step-Up EMI Home Loan will offer better client advantage regarding line accessibility and obligation management. Under Step Up EMI offering, the loan construct will have a blend of flexi and term loan.

Features & Benefits

  • Interest servicing construct: The loan would start as an interest servicing product only on the Home Loan component for first 2 years. This would mean a principal moratorium with no principal outstanding run off during this period.
  • Term loan construct: Post completion of the specified interest servicing period, EMI (principal + interest) will start for residual tenor. Customer will begin paying EMI and principal component for the residual tenor.

How It Works

E.g. If customer has sanctioned loan of Rs. 50 Lacs for 20 years and availed Step Up EMI Home Loan i.e. initial 2 years for interest servicing only, then:

For the first 2 years – customer will pay only interest on 50 lacs and will not be paying any principal component

For rest of the 18 years – customer will pay interest along with principal component as EMI which will be applicable on 50 Lacs loan amount.

Loan amount: 50,00,000

Loan tenure: 20 years (2 years interest servicing + 18 years EMI period)

ROI: 6.70%

Loan period Normal loan EMI Step up loan EMI Difference (%)
1-24 months 41822 33333 20.3% less
25-240 months 41822 43748 4.6% more

How to Apply

Fill up the online application form to complete the application process