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6 Min 24 Jun 2022
Loan Against Property For Doctors Interest Rates & Charges
  • What is a Loan Against Property for Doctors?
  • Loan Against Property for Doctors: Interest Rates
  • Loan Against Property for Doctors: How to Apply

What is a Loan Against Property for Doctors?

Loans Against Property (LAP) are sanctioned against residential properties or commercial properties at attractive interest rates. Borrowers in need, including doctors, can avail of a Loan Against Property by fulfilling the eligibility parameters set by the lender. Doctors, especially, can use the funds to meet a variety of expenses. Moreover, it is important to note that there is no limitation to the usage of the sanctioned loan amount. It can be utilised to meet any personal or professional requirement, such as setting up a clinic or purchasing medical equipment.

Loan Against Property for Doctors: Interest Rates

Doctors and other professionals who meet our lending criteria, benefit from attractive Loan Against Property interest rates, starting as low as 10.10%* p.a.  

Refer to the table below before making your loan application.

Loan Against Property Type Effective ROI (p.a.) for Professionals
Loan Against Property 10.10%*  to 18.00%*
Loan Against Property Balance Transfer 10.20%* to 18.00%*


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Loan Against Property for Doctors: How to Apply

Applying for a Loan Against Property is a straightforward process. Fill in the correct details and follow the steps mentioned below to expedite the approval process:

  1. Visit the application form on our website
  2. Choose your employment type, and the type of Loan Against Property you require
  3. Key in the request details, that include your personal and income information
  4. Proceed to submit the application

Once you successfully submit the form, our representative will connect and help you with the further steps.

*Terms and conditions apply



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