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3 min 19 Jan 2023
  • Bajaj Housing Finance Loan Account Number and its Importance
  • How You Can Check Your Loan Account Number

In the age of digital, everything is only a click away. Until a few years ago, borrowers had to visit their lender's branch office to make loan payments, clear EMIs, resolve issues, etc. However, these days, borrowers can do all of this while sitting at home. Most lenders, these days, allow borrowers to do everything online. Bajaj Housing Finance is one such lender. Using the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer portal, borrowers can do everything mentioned above and more. However, to be able to do these tasks properly, you will need your loan account number. Now before we tell you how to check your loan account number, let us understand what a loan account number is and why it is important. 

Bajaj Housing Finance Loan Account Number and its Importance 

The loan account number is a unique number assigned to each borrower at the beginning of their loan journey. This number is important as borrowers need it to carry out all transactions and processes on the portal. Let us now understand how one can check their loan account numbers. 

Here's How You Can Check Your Loan Account Number

There are four ways in which you can check your Bajaj Housing Finance loan account number.

  • Go to a Bajaj Housing Finance branch near your home along with the identity proof document you used during the application process. Provide this document and seek help from a Bajaj Housing Finance representative. They will help you out. 
  • Bajaj Housing Finance has a loan account checking number. You can send an SMS to this number to know your loan account number.  
  • You can also check your account number on your loan account statement. Open the Bajaj Housing Finance app and download the loan account statement from there. You will see your loan account number on the top of the statement.  
  • The last way to check your loan account number is by using the 'My Account' section on the Bajaj Housing Finance Customer portal. Login to the portal using your ID and OTP. 

Once logged in, go to the services section and select 'view all'. Once you do that, you will be able to see all details related to your loan account. 

Remember that your loan account number is something very important - whether you want to access the customer portal or raise a query with a representative of Bajaj Housing Finance, you will need this number. So, make sure you have it. In case you have lost it, use one of the above four ways to find out your loan number.  

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