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Should I Apply for a Pre-Approved Home Loan or an After Property Finalisation Loan? _WC

5 min 23 Mar 2023
  • Advantages of Pre-Approved Home Loans

If you are in the market for a new property, availing of a Home Loan may make the task of financing your purchase substantially easier. In some cases, you may even be eligible for a pre-approved Home Loan, based on your profile, financial standing, and repayment capacity.

There are several benefits of a pre-approved Home Loan, especially when it comes to securing a good deal with the property developer of your choice.

Advantages of Pre-Approved Home Loans

Quick Approval and Instant Disbursal

One of the most notable advantages of a pre-approved housing loan is the ease of processing and disbursal that the borrower experiences. As the lender may have already evaluated your financial standing at a pre-cursory level, your loan application can be processed faster, following a smooth verification process.

Minimum Paperwork Required

When you are already pre-approved for the loan, the lender has already scoped out your eligibility. While borrowers still do need to furnish the required documents for the final verification rounds, the list may not be as lengthy or tedious.

It Helps You Stay Within Your Budget

When you are pre-approved for a housing loan, you are already aware of the tentative EMI amount you may have to pay every month. This will help you plan your finances accordingly and choose a loan amount that is tailored to your budget and financial standing.

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Important Factors to Consider in a Pre-Approved Home Loan

Principal Amount:

One must remember that while the pre-approved offer does offer certainty in terms of your loan amount, the final approval is still dependant on several external factors such as your property profile, documentation verification, etc. 

Validity Period:

The validity period for a pre-approved loan offer is usually limited from the time you secure the offer. It's important to finalise a property within this timeframe. Failing to do so will require a re-evaluation of your loan application. 

Loan Terms:

The final loan terms are determined at the time of loan disbursement taking into account your actual repayment capacity and other macro-economic factors.

Final Words

A Home Loan is a prudent way to fund any real estate purchase. Borrowers get access to a substantial amount of money at low Home Loan interest rates  which not only helps one afford their dream home but also helps them keep their EMIs manageable. Home Loans also come with tax benefits and help one save a lot of money. Further, housing loans come with a long repayment tenor, which further makes the process of repaying them easy. If you are planning to buy a home anytime soon, apply for a Home Loan in advance. Pre-approved Home Loans come with many benefits and make the entire process of buying a home much simpler.

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