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Home loan balance transfer or takeover is a financing solution that allows borrowers to maximise loan affordability with better terms of service. The Reserve Bank of India, from time-to-time issues necessary guidelines to regulate such facilities and improve benefits for borrowers.

Following is an elaboration on the home loan balance transfer charges per RBI guidelines to help gain a better perspective of how the facility is regulated by the apex financial institution of India.

A Home Loan Balance Transfer involves foreclosing a loan account with the current lender and opening another account with a new lender. It can involve several formalities and documentation, along with additional charges, such as the processing fee, among others. The RBI guidelines for home loan balance transfer aim to regulate these charges to make the facility affordable for borrowers. As per the RBI guidelines for home loan takeover, any foreclosure initiated on home loans availed of under floating interest rates does not attract any additional charge.

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Along with the takeover of housing loan RBI guidelines, it is also essential to know what a home loan takeover comprises to make the most of this financing facility. A home loan takeover or balance transfer is a facility that allows existing borrowers to switch to a new lender offering reduced home loan interest rates and other improved terms of service. The facility enables borrowers to enjoy the benefits of reducing market rates and improve their affordability.

A housing loan balance transfer facility comes with several other attractive benefits:

  • High-Value Top-up Loan: Borrowers availing of the balance transfer facility are eligible to avail additional financing in the form of top-up loan. Depending on the property's value, such an amount can exceed the home loan quantum and comes with zero end-use restriction.
  • Improved Affordability: An interest rate reduction offered by the new lender not only reduces the total loan liability but also brings down the EMIs. With sufficient financial availability, you can alternatively opt to reduce the tenor and complete repayment early.
  • Tenor Flexibility: Borrowers with a record of timely repayment can also negotiate with the new lender for a shorter or longer tenor as desired for better financial management.
  • Zero Prepayment Charges: The balance transfer facility also relieves you from paying any foreclosure or part-prepayment charges on floating rate home loans.
  • 24x7 Loan Account Management: Access to your loan account through a dedicated customer portal makes loan management and tracking convenient. Bajaj Housing Finance offers competitive rates on the home loan balance transfer facility to make funding affordable for borrowers. Eligible applicants can also avail of fresh loans at attractive rates and lucrative features and benefits.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Nowadays, thanks to technology, one can easily evaluate the details and benefits one can receive by doing Home Loan balance transfer. For that, you need to enter basic details of the existing loan such as tenor, interest rate, outstanding loan amount, etc. Once you enter these details, the calculator easily gives you a valuation on how much you can save if you do a balance transfer. You can do multiple balance transfers once your lock-in period ends. It usually ends within 6 months to 1 year. Do check all the terms and conditions and most importantly check the interest rate.

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