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Home Loan for Women: Overview 

The process of owning a house is much easier with a Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan, where interest rates start as low as 8.50%* p.a. with no part-prepayment or foreclosure charges for salaried individual borrowers with floating interest rates.

As a female Home Loan borrower, you can be at an advantage here. Along with gaining access to Home Loans with attractive benefits, you can also avail of benefits from the special measures taken by the government to incentivise and promote female homeownership. Apart from this, as a female owner, you are also eligible for lower stamp duty rates in several Indian states along with a degree of concession on property registration charges.

Additionally, if a property is jointly owned by you, or registered in your name, you can enjoy ​tax benefits under Section 80C and 24B, if you choose the old tax regime.

Home Loan for Women: Advantages 

Home Loan for Women: Advantages 

The Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan comes with an array of features and benefits, some of which are:

Loan Amount of Rs.5 Crore*

Home Loan borrowers can avail of a loan amount of up to Rs.5 Crore* or even higher, basis eligibility.

Competitive Interest Rates 

Eligible borrowers can use our lower Home Loan interest rates to their benefit and pay Home Loan EMIs as low as Rs.733/Lakh*.

Option to Link to Repo Rate 

Borrowers also have the option to link their interest rates to an external benchmark, i.e., the Repo Rate, and benefit from reduced payouts during favourable market conditions.

Easy Balance Transfer Facility 

Borrowers with active Home Loans have the option to switch lenders, and transfer their loan balance to us, while availing of a Top-up Loan.

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Home Loan for Women: Fees and Charges Applicable

The fees and charges applicable on our Home Loans are competitive and aim to bring you the best deal possible that is suited to your eligibility.

Borrowers are advised to use our Home Loan EMI Calculator  to compare the current home loan interest rates. High eligibility, including income, credit profile, and employment status, will help you keep the Home Loan rates negotiable. To know more about the current interest rates on our Home Loan offerings, click here.

Home Loan for Women: Home Loan Application Process

Home Loan for Women: Home Loan Application Process

Applying for a Home Loan with us takes no longer than a couple of minutes. Here is how interested borrowers can apply online:

  1. To apply for a Home Loan, navigate to the housing loan application form on the official website.
  2. Enter your full name and mobile number.
  3. Select your employment type and loan type.
  4. Enter your income details and area PIN code.
  5. Enter the required loan amount.
  6. Click ‘Generate OTP’.
  7. Enter the requested OTP and complete the rest of the application.

Once we receive your housing loan application, our representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours* to walk you through the next steps.

*Terms and conditions apply

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