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Home Loan for Chartered Accountants: Interest Rate

Bajaj Housing Finance offers Home Loans at attractive interest rates and competitive lending terms to salaried and professional borrowers, including Chartered Accountants.

Chartered Accountants with strong financial profiles stand to get a Home Loan online starting at 8.70%* p.a. and save on their total cost of borrowing. To meet our easy eligibility criteria, CAs must have a work tenure of at least 3 years along with a valid certificate of practice, among other things.

A Home Loan involves several variables but the most important one of them is the interest rate. The interest rate you get offered decides how affordable your EMIs will be and how easy it will be for you to repay the loan. If you are finding it difficult to pay your current Home Loan EMI, don't worry, there is a solution: opt for a Home Loan Balance Transfer.

Home Loan Interest Rate (Floating) for Chartered Accountants
Loan Type Effective ROI (p.a.)
Home Loan 8.70%* to 15.00%*
Home Loan (Balance Transfer) 8.80%* to 15.00%*
Top Up 9.80%* to 18.00%*

The other fees and charges attached to a Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan, such as your loan processing fees, are nominal and not hidden from you. To see the full list of fees and charges, click here.

Interested borrowers have the option of applying for a Home Loan both offline and online. Bajaj Housing Finance offers a seamless online application journey that can be completed in minutes. To kickstart your home buying journey, apply today.

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