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Vhealth Card

vHealth by Aetna delivers primary care services by joining all the dots to provide its customers accessible and quality outpatient services. With the focus on clinical excellence, digital technology and wide network of healthcare partners, vHealth by Aetna service provides telephone/video consultations and coordinate the delivery of care to people’s homes (blood tests, medicines, home health care) with its health partner network spread across 38 cities. vHealth service is offered in India by Aetna’s fully owned subsidiary, Indian Health Organisation Pvt. Ltd.

Vhealth Card Variants

Product features VARIANT 1999 VARIANT 2999 VARIANT 4999
vHealth Doctor Consultation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network Discount Card Yes Yes Yes
Netmeds Pharmacy Vouchers (Worth - INR 500) 2 Vouchers 4 Vouchers 8 Vouchers
Diet Fit Management 2 3 4
Health Check Up Premium – 84 Tests 2 3 4
Members Covered Up to 2 Family Members Up to 3 Family Members Up to 4 Family Members
Tenure 12 months 12 months 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a relationship restriction for additional member enrolment?

You may add more family members, which includes only husband, wife, children, parents and siblings of husband and wife can be added in the plan.

2.How many teleconsultations can a customer use in 1 year and what are the timings of to avail this service?

Customer can avail teleconsultation services which are available all days (except national holidays and Sundays) between 8am and 8 pm. Consultations are unlimited until the validity of membership.

3. Does age or medical history play a role for eligibility to apply for the membership?

Our products are meant for all age group and there is no restriction related to health. You are entitled to enroll and avail vHealth benefits irrespective of your health condition, age or gender.

4. How do I utilize teleconsultation facility?

Member to call vHealth help desk no. 18001034466 between 8 am to 8 pm all days except national holidays. According to timing, client will either be connected to IHO Swiss certified doctor or network doctor. Member (caller) must be at least 18 years of age to utilize this benefit.

5. How do I find the centers on vHealth network?

You may choose to visit our website, you can locate any center on IHO’s panel with the help of a map. Simultaneously, you can call our help desk number and our team will be more than happy to help you.

6. What technical requirements or expertise do I need to use vHealth by Aetna?

Those who are able to use their mobile device & launch mobile apps will be able to utilize the vhealth by Aetna app.

7. What languages do the doctors at vHealth by Aetna speak?

English, Hindi, Kannnad, Telegu & Tamil

8. What training and experience do vHealth by Aetna doctors have?

The service is delivered by Indian doctors with MBBS and md qualifications, these doctors are also trained and certified in Swiss standards of telemedicine practice.

9. Where are the vHealth by Aetna doctors based and what are their hours of operation?

These doctors are based at vHealth by Aetna telemedicine center operating from 8 am – 8 pm, Monday to Saturday.

10. How to use pharmacy voucher?

  • In case of pharmacy voucher of 500, and the order value is less than 500, no remaining balance will be returned.
  • If the order value is more than 500, the remaning balance is to be paid by cash or card as applicable
  • IHO Card &  pharmacy voucher CANNOT be clubbed together to purchase medicines in one order/billing. Separate orders may be placed.
  • In case of Netmeds, members can use 2 netmeds vouchers simultaneously.

In case of issues with vouchers/discount, please call IHO help desk 1800 103 4466 for assistance