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Home Loan Starting 6.65%*


Get Home Loan from Bajaj Housing Finance

The Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan starts at an interest rate of 6.65%* only. Eligible salaried applicants can make the most of this rate and avail of home loan EMIs starting as low as Rs.642/Lakh*.

We offer a range of benefits to go with our home loan, including a sizeable loan amount of Rs.5 Cr* or even higher at lower interest rate, disbursal within 48 hours* of approval and document submission, and a flexible tenor of up to 30 years to ensure comfortable repayment. With these benefits and many others, you can now make that dream home a reality. A housing loan not only allows you to purchase an asset, but it also helps you save substantially in the form of home loan tax benefits.

Features Of Home Loan

  • Competitive Interest Rate of 6.65%*

    Make the most of our lowest ever home loan interest rate today. At 6.65%* p.a., your home loan EMI can be as low as Rs.642/Lakh*.

  • Loan Amount of Rs.5 Cr*

    Avail of a sizeable home loan of Rs.5 Cr* or even higher, depending on eligibility.

  • Balance Transfer Top-up of Rs.1 Cr*

    Transfer your home loan balance to Bajaj Housing Finance today. Benefit from a lower interest rate and reduced EMIs, as well as avail of a top-up loan – be it for debt consolidation or a vacation.

  • Repayment Tenor of 30 Years

    Opt for a longer tenor to make your EMIs more affordable over the years. Choose a tenor of up to 30 years and repay comfortably.

  • Disbursal in 48 Hours*

    Once you receive approval post the submission of a complete application with all the necessary documentation, you can expect disbursal in as little as 48 hours*.

  • Interest Subsidy Under PMAY

    Avail of an interest subsidy under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana when you apply with us, as we are a prime lending institution with the Central Nodal Agency.

  • Contact-Free Loan

    Enjoy a truly hassle-free experience with a completely virtual application process. Skip the tedious branch visits.

  • Customized Repayment Options

    Want to purchase a house that’s in construction and pay only a part of your EMIs to begin with? With us you benefit from customized repayment options.

  • Hassle-Free Processing

    Enjoy an all-new home loan experience with us – one where you need to submit minimal documentation and can complete the process from the comfort of your home. Visit us, or call us home, only to sign the final loan agreement and other registration formalities

  • Zero Part-Prepayment and Foreclosure Charges

    Individuals with a floating interest rate home loan face no additional fees or charges should they choose to repay a part, or the entire sum, of their home loan before the end of the tenor.

  • Online Tools for Better Decision-Making

    A home loan is a long-term commitment and requires thorough research. Use our online tools, such as the home loan eligibility calculator and the home loan EMI calculator, to finalize a loan amount and tenor best suited to your finances.

  • External Benchmark Linked Loans

    Make the most of home loan interest rates linked to external benchmarks such as the Repo Rate. Benefit from reduced payouts during favourable market conditions.

  • Online Account Management

    Enjoy a truly hassle-free experience even once the loan is disbursed. Access your statement of accounts and other documents through our customer portal and complete transactions from the comfort of your home.

  • 5,000+ Approved Projects

    Choose a property from one of our list of 5,000+ approved projects and enjoy the best borrowing terms, along with quick and hassle-free processing.

Calculate your Home Loan EMI

A home loan is often a long-term commitment; thus, it’s important you make an informed decision. Use a home loan calculator to know your loan EMI and assess its feasibility on a monthly basis. A home loan EMI calculator is an easy-to-use online tool, wherein you adjust the loan amount, tenor, and interest rate to know the corresponding loan EMI and total interest payable.

Loan Amount




Rate of Interest


Loan EMI


Total Interest Payable

Rs. 10,15,990

Total Payment (Principal + Interest)

Rs. 50,51,552

Total Interest

Principal Amount

Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

When considering vendors, it is important to check the home loan eligibility criteria, so you can maximize your chances of approval. Our criteria vary on the basis of employment type.

Eligibility Parameters Salaried Self-Employed
​​Nationality Indian (Non-NRI) Indian (Non-NRI)
​​​Employment Minimum 3 years of work experience, preferably with a reputed employer Minimum 5 years of vintage in current enterprise
​​Age 23 to 62 years 25 to 70 years
Place of Residence Must reside in one of the cities we operate in Must reside in one of the cities we operate in
Income Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000, depending on the city of residence and age Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000, depending on the city of residence and age

Upper age limit is considered as age at the time of loan maturity

How to Apply for a Home Loan Online

If you’re wondering how to apply for a home loan, the below guide will walk you through our easy home loan application process.

Step 1

Visit our application form

Step 2

Enter your full name, mobile number, PIN code, and occupation type

Step 3

Enter your date of birth, PAN number, income, and other details

Once you submit the application, our representative will get in touch with you within 24 hours* and explain the next steps. Alternatively, you can also walk into any of our branches around India, where our representatives can guide you through the process.

Home Loan: FAQs

What Is a Home Loan?

A home loan is a financial solution that enables individuals as well as entities to borrow funds for the purchase or renovation of a residential property. Our home loan interest rate starts from 6.65%* p.a. onwards. A home loan is a secured loan, and the property to be purchased served as collateral. In other words, the property ownership remains with the lender until you repay the entire sum with interest. The home loan interest rate is relatively low compared to, say, a personal or business loan because of its secured nature.

How Does a Home Loan Work?

Under a home loan, you borrow funds at a predetermined interest rate and agree to pay the sum (principal) back, with interest, over a predetermined time frame (tenor)through equated monthly instalments (EMIs).

What Are the Processing Fees for a Home Loan?

Home loan processing fees refer to the main fee charged with every loan application, including that of a home loan. It is the amount the lender charges to process your application and extend funding. The fee varies from lender to lender and person to person. We charge a processing fee starting from 0.25% to 6.00%.

How to Apply for a Home Loan?

When initiating a home loan application, you can either visit our branch or visit our online application form to apply. Home loan application is easy and straightforward. Follow the below steps to apply online.

*Terms and conditions apply.

The final interest rate, tenor, loan amount, and EMI vary as per eligibility and will be decided at the time of disbursal. All information mentioned herein, including but not limited to turnaround timeframes, is indicative and subject to change at the time of the application. Finance at the sole discretion of BHFL.