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Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the ‘I Agree’, the applicant(s) hereby agree and acknowledge that each applicant

1. I/We declare that all the particulars and information and details provided/to be provided herein are true, correct, complete and up-to-date in all respects and that I/we have not withheld any information whatsoever.

2. I/We hereby expressly consent and authorise Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (‘BHFL’) and/or its representatives/agents to send me/us any communication regarding this application and/or any products/services offered by BHFL and its group companies using various communication channels, such as, telephone calls/ SMS/ bitly/ bots/ emails/ post etc. The use of information indicated herein by BHFL or any of its any of its subsidiaries, affiliates or associate companies shall not amount to violation of any of my/our privacy or confidentiality rights or privileges. I/We accord our consent unconditionally, notwithstanding the grant of loan facility, its rejection by BHFL, or upon its repayment and authorise BHFL to use the said information. I/We have no objection to give the documents required as per the KYC guidelines.

3. I/We do also authorize BHFL for any disclosure at any time of any information relating to me/mine/us/our loan/facility, including but not limited to repayment history, defaults in payment to Credit Information Companies (‘CIC’) and/or other Regulatory or other authorities as may be deemed fit. I/We agree not to hold BHFL responsible for such disclosure.

4. I/We agree that, we shall submit, sign, and execute all such loan agreements and such other documents as may be prescribed/ required by BHFL at any point of time and the applicable stamp duty with respect to such documents shall be payable by me/us. I/We fully acknowledge & understand that, the grant of the loan is at the sole discretion of BHFL and that BHFL reserves the right to reject my/our loan or approve the loan amount to an amount lesser than that applied for, without assigning any reason whatsoever. I further acknowledge that the Mortgage Origination Fees given by me/us is non-refundable and in case my/our application stands rejected, I shall not seek refund of the same from BHFL.

5. I/We agree that, BHFL may either by itself or through its authorised representatives or agents, conduct necessary investigations and seek/receive information from any person/authority/ company/CIC or such others as it may deem fit in the process of sanction of this loan. I/We undertake to furnish any additional information/documents that BHFL may require/request for at any point of time. I/We confirm that no insolvency proceedings or suits for recovery and/or any criminal proceedings have been instituted or are pending against me/us.

6. The loan will be provided to me/us only upon the satisfaction of the internal credit and risk parameters of BHFL, including but not limited to, underwriting, type, technical valuation and legal clearance of the property.

7. This letter of offer shall stand revoked and cancelled and shall be absolutely null and void if: (a) there are any material changes in the proposal for which this loan facility is, in principle, sanctioned; (b) any material fact concerning the my/our income, or ability to repay, or any other relevant aspect of the my/our proposal on the application for loan is suppressed, concealed or not made known to BHFL; (c) any statement made herein or in the loan application is found to be incorrect or untrue.

8. I/We agree and confirm that BHFL shall not be obliged to grant and continue any credit facility, if it is apprehended that the sanction terms are not or may not be met to the satisfaction of BHFL. Further, BHFL may, absolutely and unconditionally, reduce, revoke, cancel and/or modify any undrawn amount (in whole or part), if any, from the Sanctioned amount, at its discretion, at any time, without giving any prior notice to me/us or without assigning any reasons thereof.

9. I/We hereby agree and acknowledge that I/we (i) am/are at least 18 years of age, (ii) can understand, read and write in the English language, (iii) have read and understood the terms and conditions contained herein in relation to the Loan and (iv) agree to be bound by such terms and conditions contained herein in relation to the Loan.

10. I/We hereby agree that my/our action of entering the one-time password sent by the Lender and clicking the ‘I Accept’ button, constitutes a valid acceptance by me/us of the terms and conditions contained herein in relation to the Loan and is binding and enforceable on me/us.