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Bihar Bhumi - Land Record Bihar

The efforts of the Indian Government to digitise the land records have led to the introduction of the National Land Record Modernisation Program. Under this scheme, the Union Government prompted its state-level counterparts to take the initiative and make land records available online.

Bihar Bhumi is a result of this effort, as the State Government of Bihar has provided a platform for its residents and the ones willing to purchase properties here to access land records easily.

What is Bihar Bhumi?

The Department of Revenue and Land Records in Bihar has launched this portal with assistance from the Bihar State Government. This online platform will serve as a one-stop solution for anything related to land and properties in this state.

Hence, residents of Bihar, along with anyone who wants to invest in a property here, can utilise this platform to access any land record in Bihar. This platform comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. Hence, instead of running from one department to another, you can now access this vital information from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Bihar Bhumi

The Bhulekh Bihar portal has eased accessing property papers and completing the registration process. Besides the landowners of this state, it has become easy for authorities as well to manage such records efficiently and without manual intervention.

Nonetheless, some notable advantages of using this platform include the following –

  1. User-friendly and hassle-free way of accessing land records.
  2. Can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.
  3. You can complete the process at once and without any disruptions.
  4. Paying land tax has become easy, and you can now track the status of payment and its completion.
  5. Bring more transparency and eliminate the need of visiting the office of the Land Revenue Department for this purpose.

However, to make the most of these above-mentioned benefits, you should acquaint yourself with the process of accessing such information through Bihar Bhulekh.

What are the Services Offered by Bihar Bhumi?

Landowners of Bihar can use this portal to access different services. Here is a list of facilities one can access through Bihar Bhulekh –

  • Check account details
  • Register a property
  • Pay lagaan or land tax
  • Complete dakhli kharji process online
  • LPC application and checking LPC application status
  • View encumbrance certificate

Once you have all these documents prepared, find the process to check this land record in the following section.

How to Check Land Record Bihar Online?

Here is a step-by-step guide on the process of checking land records online through the Bihar Bhumi portal –

● By Party Name

Follow the simple steps mentioned below to go ahead with your Patta Chitta online application:

Step 1: Go to the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 2: Click on ‘searching by party name.’

Step 3: It will then redirect you to the ‘registration by party’ page.

Step 4: Choose a timeline from the options: ‘pre-computerisation (1996 to 2006)’ or ‘post-computerisation (2006 to present).’

Step 5: Provide required information and click on ‘view.’

● By Serial Number

Step 1: Click on the ‘searching by serial number’ link at the bottom of the Bhumi Jankari Bihar page.

Step 2: It will redirect you to the ‘searching by deed’ page.

Step 3: Select a preferred option: ‘pre-computerisation (1996 to 2006)’ or ‘post-computerisation (2006 to present).’

Step 4: Enter needed information and click on ‘view.’

With the above information in place, you can make your property purchase easy and less time consuming. Additionally, fund your property purchase by availing home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance against borrower-friendly terms and affordable interest rates.